World's Best Wine Associations & Wine Certificates

Wine associations around the world are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in winemaking and the promotion of wine culture. These organizations often establish rigorous standards to which wines must adhere to be certified, ensuring quality and provenance. Among the most prestigious is the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI), which, besides promoting wine knowledge, organizes competitions and awards certifications that are highly regarded in the industry. Similarly, the Institute of Masters of Wine represents a pinnacle of achievement, with its members having passed an exhaustive series of exams, proving their expertise in all areas of wine.

Certificates from these associations serve as a testament to the quality of a wine and the skill of its producers. The ‘Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée’ (AOC) in France and the ‘Denominazione di Origine Controllata’ (DOC) in Italy are examples of such certifications, which specify the geographical origin of a wine and, by extension, its character and flavor profile. Wines bearing these certificates are often sought after by connoisseurs and collectors. Additionally, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) offers a range of courses and qualifications for wine professionals and enthusiasts, which are globally recognized and respected. These certifications not only enhance the knowledge and appreciation of wine but also advance careers in the wine industry.

The Best Wine Associations &
Wine Certifications in the World


In the world of wine, excellence is often marked by prestigious associations and certifications that set the standard for quality and expertise. Leading the charge is the Court of Master Sommeliers, a globally recognized institution famed for its rigorous examinations that produce the crème de la crème of wine professionals. Meanwhile, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) boasts a comprehensive curriculum, nurturing enthusiasts and industry professionals alike. The Guild of Sommeliers provides a close-knit community for wine aficionados, fostering camaraderie and knowledge sharing. These associations, coupled with certifications like the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and Master of Wine (MW), form an intricate tapestry that elevates the appreciation and understanding of wine to unparalleled heights across the globe.


Master of Wine (MW)

Issued by the Institute of Masters of Wine, this is one of the most prestigious wine titles in the world.

Master Sommelier (MS)

Granted by the Court of Master Sommeliers, this certification is renowned, especially in the realm of wine service.

Certified Sommelier

Another designation from the Court of Master Sommeliers but at a less advanced level than the MS.

Advanced Sommelier

An intermediate level between the Certified Sommelier and Master Sommelier titles.

Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

Based in the UK, this organization offers four levels of certification, with Level 4 leading to the Diploma in Wines.

Certified Wine Educator (CWE)

Offered by the Society of Wine Educators, this certification is for those who combine deep wine knowledge with teaching skills.

Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)

Also from the Society of Wine Educators, this certification focuses on wine knowledge.

DipWSET (Diploma in Wines)

An advanced level of WSET certification.

French Wine Scholar (FWS)

Granted by the Wine Scholar Guild, this program dives deep into French wines.

Italian Wine Scholar (IWS)

Also by the Wine Scholar Guild, focusing on Italian wines.

Certified Wine Professional (CWP)

Offered by the Culinary Institute of America.

International Sommelier Guild (ISG)

Offers various levels of wine education and certifications.

Wine Business Institute

Based at Sonoma State University, it's more about the business side of wine.

Vineyard & Winery Management

Offers certifications around vineyard and winery operations.

Certified California Wine Appellation Specialist (CWAS)

For those specializing in California wines.

Spanish Wine Educator

A program that specializes in Spanish wines.

Weinakademie Österreich

Austria's top wine school offering the Weinakademiker certification and is a stepping stone to the Master of Wine program.

Cape Wine Master

South Africa's premier wine qualification, granted by the Cape Wine Academy.


Italy boasts some of the finest wine associations and certifications globally, reflecting its rich viticultural heritage. The Italian wine landscape is deeply intertwined with tradition and quality, and several organizations play a pivotal role in upholding these standards. The Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) stands out as a prominent institution, offering rigorous certification programs that elevate individuals to the status of expert sommeliers. Another notable entity is the Consorzio di Tutela Vini d’Abruzzo, dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the exceptional wines from the Abruzzo region. Their commitment to authenticity and excellence is emblematic of Italy’s overall approach to winemaking. With certifications like the Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) and the Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) ensuring geographical integrity and quality, Italy’s wine associations contribute significantly to the nation’s reputation as a global wine powerhouse.


Founded in 1965, AIS offers several levels of certification for sommeliers, with courses focusing on the deep dive into Italian wines and international wines.

Italian Wine Academy

Located in Verona, it offers the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) courses, which are international but also cover Italian wines extensively.

Another prestigious sommelier organization in Italy, it offers courses and certifications for those wanting to specialize in wine service and knowledge.

This organization focuses on the sensory analysis of wines and offers courses and certifications for wine tasters.

University of Wine in Conegliano (Scuola Enologica)

Located in Veneto, one of Italy's prime wine regions, this institution offers advanced studies in winemaking and viticulture.

Università degli Studi di Milano - Master’s Program in Viticulture and Enology

A university-level program that offers advanced education in the scientific and technical aspects of viticulture and winemaking.

Italian Wine Scholar (IWS)

Granted by the Wine Scholar Guild, this is an international program but focuses exclusively on Italian wines.

Vinitaly International Academy

Vinitaly is one of the world's largest wine fairs and its academy offers certification programs focusing on Italian wines.

ICIF - Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners

While primarily focused on culinary arts, they also have wine courses focusing on Italian wines.

Gambero Rosso

Known for its wine guide, Gambero Rosso also offers wine courses and educational events.

Università degli Studi di Padova - Master’s Program in Viticultural and Enological Science and Technology

Another university-level program offering advanced studies related to wine.


In the realm of oenology, France stands as a venerable maestro, orchestrating the symphony of wine with finesse and tradition. When it comes to wine associations and certifications, the hexagonal nation boasts a prestigious lineup. The Institut National de l’Origine et de la Qualité (INAO) takes center stage, safeguarding the authenticity and quality of French wines through the revered AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) system. Meanwhile, the Union des Œnologues de France plays a crucial role, uniting the expertise of wine professionals across the country. For those seeking the pinnacle of wine knowledge, the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) offer internationally recognized certifications, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of French terroirs and varietals. In the vine-covered tapestry of France, these associations and certifications weave a narrative of excellence, guiding enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike through the rich and diverse landscape of French wines.


Diploma of Oenology

This university-level diploma is often essential for those wanting to become winemakers in France. It is offered by several universities and wine schools throughout the country.

DipWSET (Diploma in Wines)

While the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is based in the UK, its courses, especially Levels 1-4, are offered in several institutions in France, covering both French and global wines.

Offered by the Wine Scholar Guild, this certification provides specialized knowledge about French wines, covering all the major wine regions of France.

Offered by the University of Bordeaux, this is a high-level tasting diploma that focuses on the sensory evaluation of wines.

Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux

The Bordeaux Wine School offers various courses and certifications focusing exclusely on Bordeaux wines.

Burgundy Wine School (Ecole des Vins de Bourgogne)

Situated in Beaune, this school offers courses that dive deep into the wines of Burgundy.

Interprofessional Committee of Champagne (CIVC):

They provide training sessions focusing on Champagne.

Université du Vin in Suze-la-Rousse

Offers a range of courses, from introductory to advanced, focusing on the wines of the Rhône Valley and other French wine regions.

Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin (ISVV)

Located in Bordeaux, the ISVV offers various higher education programs, from master's degrees to doctoral programs, focusing on viticulture, oenology, and wine marketing.

L'École du Vin de France

A school that offers courses ranging from beginner to expert levels, covering French wines and global wines.

While it's an international association, its presence in France is strong, and it plays a role in sommelier training and competitions.

Union de la Sommellerie Française (UDSF)

A union that brings together various regional sommelier associations in France. They play a role in sommelier certifications and competitions.

Rhône Valley Vineyards

They offer courses and training sessions focusing on the wines of the Rhône Valley.

Université du Vin de Champagne

Provides courses and training focusing on Champagne.


In the vibrant world of Spanish wines, navigating the sea of options can be an enriching experience, made easier with the guidance of esteemed wine associations and certifications. Spain boasts a rich viticultural heritage, and the best wine associations in the country play a crucial role in upholding and promoting its diverse oenological traditions. Organizations like the Regulatory Councils for renowned wine regions such as Rioja, Ribera del Duero, and Priorat ensure that wines meet strict quality standards, guaranteeing authenticity and excellence. Additionally, certifications like the “Master of Wine” and the “Spanish Wine Scholar” contribute to the professional development of enthusiasts and industry experts alike, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the nuanced flavors that define Spanish wines. Embracing these associations and certifications not only elevates the wine experience but also creates a deeper connection to the rich tapestry of Spanish viniculture.


Diploma in Oenology

Many universities and institutions in Spain offer this diploma for those aiming to become professional winemakers.

Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

While originally based in the UK, WSET courses are popular worldwide, including in Spain. Levels 1-4 cover a broad range of wines globally, including a comprehensive study of Spanish wines.

Spanish Wine Experience (SWE)

This is a course tailored for international students and focuses on introducing them to the diverse world of Spanish wines.

Master in Viticulture and Oenology

Offered by several universities in Spain, it is a comprehensive program focusing on vine growing and winemaking.

Escuela Española de Cata (EEC)

Based in Madrid, the EEC offers various courses in wine tasting, covering both Spanish and international wines.

Escuela de Viticultura y Enología de Requena

Located in Valencia, this institution offers specialized programs in viticulture and oenology, particularly focusing on the wines of the region.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) - Master in Viticulture, Oenology and Marketing of Wine

An interdisciplinary program combining the technical aspects of wine production with its commercial side.

Basque Culinary Center

Located in San Sebastian, it offers courses related to wine as a part of its gastronomy and culinary arts programs.

Instituto Galego da Calidade Alimentaria (INGACAL)

They offer courses related to Galician wines, particularly Albariño and other local varieties.

Rioja Wine Educators Programme

An official course organized by the Control Board of the DOCa Rioja to certify educators specialized in Rioja wines.

Escuela de Catas de Alicante

Offering a variety of courses ranging from beginner to advanced, focusing on the wines of the region as well as international wines.

Fundación Tierra de Sabor

Provides courses and training related to the wines of the Castilla y León region.

Spanish Association of Sommeliers (Asociación Española de Sumilleres)

They offer courses, events, and competitions for those looking to become professional sommeliers in Spain.

The Best Wine Associations & Wine Certifications In Australia


Australia boasts a vibrant wine culture, and navigating the diverse world of Australian wines can be made easier through reputable wine associations and certifications. One such notable association is the Winemakers’ Federation of Australia (WFA), which brings together the industry’s key players to advocate for and promote the interests of Australian winemakers. On the certification front, the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) offers valuable courses, providing a stamp of expertise for those looking to deepen their understanding of viticulture and winemaking. Additionally, the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) courses, widely recognized globally, offer comprehensive education on wines, making them a valuable asset for enthusiasts and professionals alike in Australia’s flourishing wine scene.


Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

These internationally recognized courses are offered in various institutions throughout Australia, covering both Australian and global wines.

Master of Wine (MW)

While the Institute of Masters of Wine is based in the UK, several Australians have pursued and achieved this prestigious title.

Advanced Wine Assessment Course (AWAC)

Offered by the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), this is an intensive course aimed at wine professionals.

Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology

Offered by several universities such as the University of Adelaide, this degree covers both grape growing and winemaking.

Master of Viticulture and Oenology

Also offered by institutions like the University of Adelaide, this advanced program delves deeper into winemaking and vineyard management.

Certificate III in Wine Industry Operations

Offered at various TAFE institutions, this vocational training course is designed for those seeking practical skills in the wine industry.

Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) Workshops

AWRI offers various workshops focusing on specific aspects of winemaking and wine assessment.

National Wine Education & Training Centre (NWETC)

Located in Adelaide, it provides a range of courses for both beginners and industry professionals.

Wine Australia Education Program

Wine Australia, the national body promoting Australian wines, offers educational resources and programs to promote knowledge about Australian wines.

WineSkills Training

A program offering practical, hands-on training for those working in the Australian wine industry.

Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (ASVO)

They offer seminars, workshops, and conferences to professionals in the wine industry.

Certified Sommelier

The Court of Master Sommeliers has a presence in Australia, and aspiring sommeliers can undertake their certifications, from the Introductory to the Master level, within the country.

Sydney Wine Academy

Located in Sydney, this institution offers a range of courses, including WSET and other wine-related programs.

Melbourne Polytechnic's Wine Programs

Offers a variety of courses and degrees in viticulture and winemaking.


In the vast and diverse world of wine, navigating the vineyards of knowledge is made smoother through the Best Wine Associations and Wine Certifications in the United States. These esteemed organizations serve as guardians of oenophilic expertise, fostering a community where enthusiasts and experts alike can deepen their understanding of the grape nectar. From the Court of Master Sommeliers, where the pursuit of the prestigious Master Sommelier title is a noble endeavor, to the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), providing a comprehensive education in the art and science of wine, these associations paint a vinous landscape rich with opportunities for learning and appreciation. Whether aspiring to swirl, sniff, and sip with sophistication or aiming to cultivate a professional palate, these certifications and associations uncork the potential for a heightened, grape-infused journey in the United States.


Court of Master Sommeliers (CMS)

Offers four levels of certification, from Introductory to Master Sommelier.

Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

Though based in the UK, WSET courses are widely available throughout the U.S. and are internationally recognized.

Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)

Offered by the Society of Wine Educators, the CSW certification provides a comprehensive overview of the world of wine.

Certified Wine Educator (CWE)

Also from the Society of Wine Educators, the CWE is a more advanced certification intended for those who wish to teach about wine.

Master of Wine (MW)

Provided by the Institute of Masters of Wine, this prestigious title is one of the highest distinctions in the wine world. Though the institute is based in the UK, several U.S. residents have pursued and achieved this certification.

Certified Sommelier Examination

Offered by the American Chapter of the International Sommelier Guild.

Wine Scholar Guild

Offers certifications such as the French Wine Scholar (FWS), Italian Wine Scholar (IWS), and Spanish Wine Scholar (SWS). While these focus on specific countries, they are popular among U.S. wine professionals.

Napa Valley Wine Academy

Located in Napa, California, this institution offers a variety of courses, including WSET, and other U.S.-focused wine programs.

Viticulture and Enology programs at Universities

Several U.S. universities, such as UC Davis, Washington State University, and Cornell University, offer in-depth programs (from Bachelor's to Ph.D. levels) in viticulture and enology.

American Wine Society Certified Wine Judge Program

Focuses on training individuals to judge at AWS and other wine competitions.

Cicerone Certification Program

While primarily focused on beer, the Cicerone program offers some coverage of wine, especially as it pertains to beer and food pairing.

Institute of Masters of Champagne

Offers the Master of Champagne certification, focused exclusively on Champagne.

International Wine & Spirits Guild

Provides a series of professional wine and spirits certifications.

American Wine Expert (AWE)

Offered by the Napa Valley Wine Academy, this certification focuses exclusively on American wines.


In the lively world of wine in the UK, navigating through the grapevine of knowledge is made easier with the presence of top-notch wine associations and certifications. Among the elite is the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET), renowned for its globally recognized wine education programs. Whether you’re a budding enthusiast or a seasoned sommelier, WSET provides a structured path to deepen your understanding of wines. Another gem is the Court of Master Sommeliers, an institution that sets the bar high for those seeking the prestigious title of Master Sommelier. These associations not only enhance expertise but also foster a vibrant community of wine aficionados, making the UK’s wine scene as rich and diverse as the vintages it celebrates.


Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET Level 1-4)

This is one of the most prestigious wine certifications worldwide and a stepping stone for those pursuing the Master of Wine title.

Institute of Masters of Wine (MW)

The Master of Wine is one of the highest distinctions in the wine world, with rigorous exams and requirements. The Institute is based in the UK, but its members and students are international.

Court of Master Sommeliers

Though the Court has a strong presence in the U.S., it originated in the UK.

Association of Wine Educators (AWE)

They offer a certification for those looking to teach wine courses.

UK Sommelier Association

Provides training and certification for sommeliers, focusing on both wine knowledge and service skills.

Plumpton College

Located in Sussex, this is the UK's primary institution for studying viticulture and oenology. They offer various courses, from introductory to degree level, on wine production and business.


Funded by the English wine industry and the UK government, WineSkills provides training for those in the English and Welsh wine production sector.

Wine Scholar Guild

While this is an international program, it is popular in the UK. They offer certifications like the French Wine Scholar (FWS), Italian Wine Scholar (IWS), and Spanish Wine Scholar (SWS).

Academy of Food & Wine Service (AFWS)

Offers training and qualifications for those in the hospitality industry, including sommeliers.

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA)

While not a certification body per se, they offer various courses and workshops related to the wine and spirit trade in the UK.


In the rich tapestry of Latin American viticulture, several outstanding wine associations and certifications stand as testaments to the region’s commitment to vinicultural excellence. From the Argentine Association of Sommeliers to Chile’s National Institute of Viticulture, these organizations play a pivotal role in fostering a culture of expertise and appreciation for the art of winemaking. The Wines of Uruguay program and Mexico’s Mexican Academy of Sommeliers further contribute to the diverse landscape, promoting education and ensuring the highest standards in the production and enjoyment of wines across the continent. As Latin America continues to carve its niche in the global wine scene, these associations and certifications serve as guiding lights, steering both producers and enthusiasts toward a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the intricate world of Latin American wines.


Escuela Argentina de Sommeliers (EAS)

Based in Argentina, this institution offers programs and certifications for those aspiring to become sommeliers.

Universidad Católica de Cuyo, Argentina

Offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in oenology and viticulture.

Universidad Maza

Located in Mendoza, Argentina, it provides degrees in Agronomy with a specialization in Viticulture and Oenology.

Diploma in Wines and Spirits (DWS)

A certification offered in Chile through the Wines of Chile Academy.

Centro de Aromas y Sabores (CAS)

Based in Chile, CAS provides various courses on wine tasting and appreciation.

Vinificación y Viticultura Program at Universidad de Talca, Chile

Offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees focusing on viticulture and oenology.

Asociación Uruguaya de Sommeliers Profesionales (AUSP)

Offers sommelier certifications and training in Uruguay.

Instituto del Vino Uruguayo

Provides courses and training programs focusing on the wines of Uruguay.

Brazilian Association of Sommeliers (ABS)

Offers courses and certifications for sommeliers in Brazil.

Vinhos de Bicicleta

A wine school in Brazil that offers a range of courses, from basic wine appreciation to advanced wine business and production.

Universidad Católica de Chile

Offers programs in Viticulture and Oenology, focusing on the country's diverse wine regions.

Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura (INV) of Argentina

While primarily a regulatory and research institution, the INV also conducts seminars and provides resources for the Argentine wine industry.

Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

Although WSET is based in the UK, its courses are available in several institutions across Latin America, particularly in major wine-producing areas.


FAQs Wine Certificates & Wine Associations

1. What is a wine certificate?

A wine certificate is a document or credential that verifies an individual's knowledge and expertise in the field of wine. It is often obtained through specialized courses or programs related to wine education.

2. Why should I get a wine certificate?

Getting a wine certificate can enhance your understanding of wines, from grape varieties to tasting techniques. It can also boost your credibility in the wine industry, whether you're a professional or simply an enthusiast.

3. How do I earn a wine certificate?

Typically, you can earn a wine certificate by completing a wine education program offered by accredited institutions, schools, or wine associations. These programs often include coursework, tastings, and exams.

4. Are there different levels of wine certificates?

Yes, there are various levels of wine certificates, ranging from beginner to advanced. Some programs may offer introductory courses, while others provide more in-depth and specialized certifications.

5. What is a wine association?

A wine association is an organization that brings together individuals, professionals, and businesses with a common interest in the wine industry. These associations often aim to promote and support the wine community through education, advocacy, and networking.

6. Why should I join a wine association?

Joining a wine association can provide networking opportunities, access to industry events, and resources for education and professional development. It's a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the wine world.

7. Are there different types of wine associations?

Yes, there are various wine associations, each catering to different aspects of the industry. Some focus on specific regions, grape varieties, or professional roles within the wine business.

8. How do I join a wine association?

To join a wine association, you typically need to visit their website, fill out a membership application, and pay any associated fees. Some associations may have specific requirements or criteria for membership.

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Claudia Riva di Sanseverino WIA Ambassador Italy Claudia Riva di Sanseverino is originally from Bologna, raised in the old town part near the Due Torri, symbol of this city. Growing up in an important family she developed an innate talent for good food, taste and wine. She’s an AIS (Italian…

Mar Galván WIA Ambassador Spain Mar Galván is a Spanish oenologist , sommelier, expert in sensory analysis and analyst of Agri-food products. Apart from that, whe is a Food Safety Specialist, writer and poet, with three books currently published. She collaborated on the book “SIN MALA UVA”, by Esnesto Gallud,…

Daniella Romano WIA Ambassador Brazil Daniella Romano is a sommelier, wine-hunter, wine journalist, and wine educator. She has been evaluating and teaching about wines for almost twenty years! Journalist and wine educator, member of FIJEV-Fr,(International Federation of Wine and Spirit Journalist and Writers). . A Wset level 3 advanced wine…

Etiene Carvalho WIA Ambassador Brazil Etiene holds several sommelier certifications like the WSET Level 3, Sommelier Fisar, French Wine Specialist and others. She is an International Wine Judge, Wine Blogger and Wine Influencer. She is also a Cigar Sommelier. Etiene has always liked wine naturally. She found it tasty,…

Paige Comrie WIA Ambassador USA Paige Comrie is a wine photographer & writer based in the heart of American wine country… Napa. Her mission is to connect wine lovers with great wines from across the world through her blog & Instagram @winewithpaige. As a believer in everyday magic, her selections…

Stephanie Häni WIA Ambassador Spain & Switzerland Stephanie Alexandra Häni Vílchez is a professional photographer who made wine the center of her artwork. For the most part of her life she has been living between Spain and Switzerland and loves both countries. Stephanie grew up being bilingual and always loved…

Laury Rzepka WIA Ambassador France Laury is from Corsica and had a brilliant career in physiotherapy, then she decided to change her life and join the wine sector. Now she is a sommelière now and it is so much more fun. She started at N5 Wine Bar in Toulouse. After…

Mary John WIA Ambassador Australia Mary John, the face behind @perthwinegirl, is a wine enthusiast from Perth, Australia, who loves sharing simple, fun and inclusive forms of wine communication outside the box. She is a Latin American Aussie with local and international experience traveling to many wine regions and writing…

Veronica Accossato WIA Ambassador France & Italy Veronica Accossato is a 26 years-old sommelier and wine enthusiast from Piedmont, Italy. She graduated in linguistic mediation before starting the AIS (Italian Sommeliers Association), where she obtained the 2nd level. At that time Veronica was working at the Michelin starred restaurant Combal.Zero…

 Michelle Carlín  WIA Ambassador    Mexico  Wine Educator Michelle Carlín is a Wine Writer and Wine Content Creator for Social Media. She is an IWC Mexico Ambassador, Judge at Global Wine El Conocedor Magazine, Board Member and Member of the Mexican Sommelier Association, Sommelier at DO Ribera del Duero and Wine educator for…

Frederik Mintz WIA Ambassador   Denmark Frederik Mintz is on a journey experiencing the wonders of the grapes. A love affair that started with exploring the Champagnes of France – and with curiosity for Sparkling wines in general. It’s not education, it’s not work – but pure dedication and love for champagne.. As a…

Maxence Jacquot WIA Ambassador France Maxence Jacquot is a wine professional from France. After attending a business school specializing in wine (Institut Supérieur du Vin à Montpellier en France), he worked as a press officer. Maxence was lucky to work for some of the biggest names in the French wine…

Iker Berasaluce WIA Ambassador Austria Iker Berasaluce is a 32 year old wine writer, judge, educator and content creator from Spain, living in Vienna, Austria. Holding a PhD in Chemistry, he decided to turn his passion into his job. His first advance in the professional wine sphere was at the Federal Research Center…

Alessandro Ingrosso WIA Ambassador Italy Alessandro Ingrosso is a sommelier and a wine lover from Italy. He does not like to define himself as being related to a certain sphere, because basically he compares hismself with wine, which is constantly evolving! Alessandro has been trained in the hospitality sphere, and…

Daria Kholodilina WIA Ambassador Georgia Daria Kholodilina is a Georgia-based wine tourism specialist, and a big friend and promoter of Georgian wine – with a WSET 2 certificate. Being born in Ukraine, Daria moved to Georgia in 2013 because she fell in love with the country. She participated in developing…

Emma Brajkovic WIA Ambassador Spain Emma Brajkovic’s first introduction to the world of wine, was when she was a child, through the eyes of her parents, who owned and managed a restaurant in Paris specialized in Wines and Champagnes. She was regularly attending wine auctions at l’Hôtel Drouot while her…

 Anastasia Palferova WIA Ambassador Russia Anastasia is a 34-year-old Russian wine lover, sommelier and blogger living in Moscow. Before she got the wine bug 5 years ago, Anastasia was successfully making her career in strategic consulting and banking. At that time, she travelled a lot to Italy, Spain, Germany and other European wine…

Susan R Lin MW WIA Ambassador   USA  Susan is a Master of Wine, her joy is to create memorable experiences through wine and the performing arts. Susan is the Head of Wine Expertise for online fine wine retailer Belmont Wine Exchange in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she collaborates with…

Claudia Maremonti WIA Ambassador Italy Claudia Maremonti, born and raised in Cosenza, has a great passion for wine that over time led her to accumulate experiences, complete a sommelier course, and open her Instagram page by collaborating with some blogs. In 2020, after a series of introduction courses…

 Laura Donadoni   WIA Ambassador    Italy & USA  Hailing from Bergamo, Italy, Laura was born and bred on classic Italian wine and creative cuisine. She is a certified professional journalist and editor with a summa cum laude PhD in Communication Sciences, a professional speaker, a certified Sommelier with merit with the North…

Maxime Bergamin WIA Ambassador Switzerland & France Maxime Bergamin spent his childhood between Savoie and Languedoc – a wine region known for its rich history and great wines as well as carefully preserved traditions of French winemaking. Not surprisingly, that wine has always been an important part of his life. He…

Alex Souza WIA Ambassador Brazil Alexander Souza, the face behind @vinhominhapaixao, a Brazilian enthusiast who loves to share the magic that the world of wine can provide in a simple and interesting way. He is a professional who works with new business development in the corporate environment, but at the same time Alex…

Isis Daniel  WIA Ambassador USA  Isis Daniel, known as The Millennial Somm (TMS), is a certified Level 3, with Merit, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) sommelier from Washington, DC. While dedicating 5 years to the Hospitality Industry, she fell in love with wine and decided to refocus her career.. During her vino journey,…

 Marisol de la Fuente    WIA Ambassador    Argentina Marisol de la Fuente is an International Sommelier of the EAS graduated from the Argentine School of Sommeliers and Bartender at the International Center for Cocktail bar. She communicates about the world of wine and drinks with the aim of bringing it closer to…

Han Lian WIA Ambassador UK Han Lian is a wine enthusiast from the UK. Going back in history for a moment, Han once didn’t mind drinking low quality wine when she was a student. However, after her first trip to France with her now partner from Burgundy, she felt the…

Tabitha Watson WIA Ambassador Scotland Tabitha Watson is from the beautiful Scottish city of Edinburgh. Between her home and London, she works as a full time Theatrical Agent representing professional Actors in the Creative Arts Industry. Tabitha is also qualified in Business Administration, Digital Marketing and Business Management and Leadership.…

Judith Ramírez WIA Ambassador Chile Judith is a sommelier expert in Wine Tourism. She is a communicator and professor of Chilean wine giving classes to Chilean and foreign students with her own teaching methodology called: “̈Sensorial Wine Workshop ̈ with the goal to show the art of pairing wine in…

Lucia Palm WIA Ambassador USA Lucia Palm is a certified sommelier and wine educator who runs her successful social media brand Lucialoveswine on both Instagram and TikTok, where she recommends quality wines on a budget in tandem with providing wine education to her over 170,000 followers. . Lucia first fell in love with wine while…

STAR GUIDE LAtin america

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