Bodega Garzón

Winery Star

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Maldonado Department, Uruguay

Bodega Garzón winery, located close to Punta del Este and José Ignacio in Uruguay, is quickly becoming a leader in the Uruguayan wine scene despite only opening in 2016. The estate covers 2,200 hectares and is blessed with some of the world’s oldest granitic soils, dating back 2,500 million years. The vineyard has a Silver LEED certification, reflecting its commitment to sustainability, and features untouched native forests and palm trees. The underground cellars are adorned with striking examples of ancient rocks that are part of the very architecture.

The winery produces white, rosé, red, and sparkling wines in an Atlantic-influenced New World style. Visitors can enjoy a range of activities, including hiking, picnicking, horse riding, and hot air ballooning, as well as playing golf on the Garzón Tajamares Golf Course. Chef Francis Mallmann, known for his open-fire cooking, provides delicious sustenance at the 120-seat restaurant, which offers a range of menu options, all paired with the estate’s signature wines.

The winery has more than 1,000 separate plots, each identified for its specific microclimate, orientation, humidity, sun exposure, and soil composition. Italian oenologist Alberto Antonini is focused on conveying these unique characteristics through the wines, encouraging the fruit’s natural flavors to come through with gentle handling and minimal oak usage. Tannat is the standout grape of Uruguay and Bodega Garzón, but the winery is also experimenting with white varieties like Albariño. The moderating impact of the Atlantic to the south provides freshness and nuance to the bold yet taught wines produced at Bodega Garzón.

Country     Uruguay

Address    9 km. 175, 20400 Garzón, Departamento de Maldonado, Uruguay

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Bodega Garzón



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