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Sicily, Italy

For five centuries, a single family has played a significant role in shaping the course of agricultural evolution in Sicily. Across seventeen generations, their approach has always been inclined towards openness and innovation, setting them apart from a world often confined by ancient social traditions and production processes. Each successive generation has inherited a deep-rooted instinct for change, consistently generating positive transformations in their community and culture.
In the early 1900s, it was Grandfather Vito who first demonstrated the importance of moving away from static land management towards new solutions and prospects. At Menfi, he successfully transformed the family’s small winery into a large co-operative winery. Under the leadership of his successor, Diego, it quickly became a collective property and a model for local development. Simultaneously, Diego held the position of chairman at the regional institute for vines and wine, where he spearheaded the wine-making renaissance in Sicily. Collaborating with renowned advisors such as Giacomo Tachis, Carlo Corino, Giampaolo Fabris, and Attilio Scienza, Diego turned the region into a vast experimental laboratory.
Over time, the family has grown and expanded their endeavors. Encircling the ancient fortress of Ulmo, where their ancestral land has been cultivated for five centuries, a spark was ignited to channel their experience and innovative ideas into a new enterprise. In 1985, they planted their inaugural vineyard, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Since then, two distinct generationssiblings, children, nieces, and nephews—have joined forces, driven not only by their harmonious characters and complementary abilities but, more importantly, by their shared vision. Their profound love for the land and their unwavering desire to protect it fuel their daily efforts to discover new ways to appreciate its beauty and bounty.

Country   Italy

Address  Aziende Agricole PLANETA s.s., Contrada Dispensa, 92013, Menfi (AG), Italia

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It is awarded to wineries that have been recommended by Wine Leaders around the world. It gives a boost in the level of credibility in the global wine community and it is a great way to strengthen the winery image.

Buyers, distributors, business partners and even travelers are more eager to contact awarded wineries to buy their wines and visit the winery. 

The certificate displays wineries name and relevant year, it can be shared on website, social media or used for promotional purposes. It is also possible to receive the framed version by post. 

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