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Born of a passion, we are committed to building
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The Wine International Association (WIA) is established to play a constructive role in further developing networking and commerce in the wine sector around the world. We are committed to building a meaningful and fine wine community by connecting wine leaders, professionals, business and organizations. We are culturally curious and passionately engaged in the world of wine.
A community that share the same aspirations of exploring and appreciating excellent wine. WIA was founded as a response to the challenges that the wine industry faces on a global basis. We are a fast-growing organization that promotes networking and commerce in the wine industry globally. A very active business wine network bringing together winemakers, influencers, buyers, professionals and enthusiasts as well as promote the best products of the wine lifestyle.
The pandemic has presented overwhelming challenges. As life-long wine lovers, we have been inspired by the resilience and bravery of so many great wineries. We aim to reward excellence in the wine industry worldwide and ensure recognition for the best wine people and wine makers.
WIA supports small and medium sized wine companies globally by offering an effective and immediate value to our members via a variety of communication channels: our online World Wine EXPO, business events, online magazine, trade show, podcasts, social media and connecting with our wine business community. We create networking and promotional opportunities and offer valuable marketing and consulting solutions. 
Today, the Wine International Association reaches wine businesses, professionals and enthusiasts from 180 countries. We welcome members of all nationalities. As international wine trade sets new all-time highs, more people turn to us to expand their wine business networks and promote their great products and activities around the world of wine.


Our mission is to promote and support wine people and wine businesses globally. We aim to inspire better business values in the wine industry, and add all the more sparkling joy to the business of wine and winemaking for future generations. 

Our Pillars


Empowering individuals in the wine sector from across the globe to become impactful leaders, who motivate, inspire and lead with passion and compassion.


WIA is passionate about changing the status quo so that people can realize their full potential and make a positive impact upon the wine world.


Bringing together people, businesses, and organizations in the wine industry globally. We provide the highest quality platform for members to network and grow in the wine industry.


Our goal is to build the world’s leading wine trusted community. Just like winemakers cherish their best vines, we cultivate trust among our members.


We promote the development of international commerce and business in the wine industry. We support the international wine business community regarding global trade.


Committed to supporting the community in which we do business, WIA connects and promotes wine people and businesses that contribute to improve the wine sector.


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