The Wine International Association

The Wine International Association (WIA) is a fast-growing organization that promotes networking and commerce in the wine industry globally. Born of a passion, we are committed to building the world’s largest and finest B2B wine community. 


We are a very active business wine network bringing together wine sellers, buyers, professionals and enthusiasts as well as promote the best products of the wine lifestyle.


We address the wine wholesale and retail markets and promote wineries and wine products, via our online magazine and our online Wine International EXPO. 


Today, the Wine International Association reaches wine professionals and enthusiasts from over 200 countries. We welcome members of all nationalities.


As international wine trade sets new all-time highs, more people turn to us to expand their wine business networks and learn about great products and events around the world of wine.


Our mission is to promote and support our members, inspire better business values in the wine industry, and add all the more sparkling joy to the business of wine and winemaking for future generations. 

Our 4 Pillars


We bring together professionals, businesses, and organizations in the wine industry globally. All members have opportunities to network and develop their businesses. VIP members also enjoy promotional privileges.


Our goal is to build the world’s leading wine community of trusted wineries, top sommeliers and wine professionals. Just like winemakers cherish their best vines, we cultivate trust among our members and quality of our products.


We promote the development of international commerce and business in the wine industry. We support the international wine business community regarding trade, commerce, and wine industry related matters.


Committed to supporting the community in which we do business, the Wine International Association provides its members with the highest quality platform for business networking and commerce in the wine industry.

Share your passion for wine and connect with other wine professionals and enthusiasts, to build a local network.

Join the Wine International Association to drive your wine business and passion forward!