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Andau, Burgenland, Austria​


The Winery Scheiblhofer is located in Andau which is part of the administrative district Neusiedl am See. With its owned 85 hectares of vineyards Scheiblhofer is one of the biggest wineries in Burgenland. The winery was founded by Johann Scheiblhofer in 1983 and taken over by his son Erich in 2000. Besides the production of high-quality wines, the family business focuses on modernity, innovation, sustainability and interpersonal skills.

With the most hours of sunshine and the highest temperature peaks, Andau is known as the heat pole of Austria. It offers as the warmest community, in combination with mineral gravelly soil, the best conditions for ripe and full-bodied wines. A positive attitude to life, combined with the joy of what they´re doing, create a unique environment that makes a visit an experience.

Year           1983

Country     Austria

Address    Halbturnerstraße 1, 7163 Andau

Tel:            +43 2176 2610 600


Hours        Monday to Sunday

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Weingut Scheiblhofer was awarded a Global Winery Certificate Of Excellence in 2022 for its achievements and expertise in the wine industry.

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