Royal Tokaji

Winery Star

Wine Leaders' Choice

Rákóczi, Hungary

Established in 1990, Royal Tokaji’s mission was clear: rekindle Tokaj wine region’s global renown. A collaboration of 62 vineyard owners and overseas investors led by Hugh Johnson, the winery aimed to reintroduce these storied wines. With over 100 hectares of vineyards, they carefully tend 57 hectares across prestigious sites like Szt. Tamás, Nyulászó, Betsek, and the esteemed Mézes Mály. These revered vineyards have captured hearts since the 18th century.

The diverse Royal Tokaji portfolio showcases an array of exquisite wines. From dry Furmint, dry Háslevelű, and dry Yellow Muscat to Late Harvest, 5 and 6 puttonyos aszú blends, and singular vineyard selections, their offerings encompass the rich tapestry of Tokaji’s varietals and styles. Employing traditional methods, the winemaking process involves meticulous extraction and extensive barrel aging within ancient 600-year-old cellars, originally established in the 13th century. This storied environment provides the ideal conditions for maturing wines, with the potential for some vintages to endure for centuries. While deeply rooted in the region’s unparalleled history, Royal Tokaji remains committed to relentless innovation, as showcased by their state-of-the-art winery completed in 2010.

Privately owned, Royal Tokaji exports its exceptional wines to over 30 countries. Garnering an impressive collection of more than 100 international awards, the winery consistently secures its position among the world’s most esteemed producers. Regularly featured in Wine & Spirits Magazine’s World’s Top 100 Wineries, Royal Tokaji has also earned the distinction of being recognized by Drinks International as one of the Most Admired Wine Brands in the World. With a presence in the cellars of discerning collectors and on the wine lists of revered restaurants, Royal Tokaji continues to shine as a beacon of excellence in the global wine landscape.

Year           1990

Country     Hungary

Address    Royal Tokaji Borászati Zrt., Mád, Rákóczi

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Royal Tokaji

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