Quinta da Aveleda

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Penafiel, Portugal

The Quinta da Aveleda estate, founded by Manoel Pedro Guedes in 1870, is a beautiful countryside estate located just a short half-hour drive from Porto. The name of the estate is said to come from the German-Celtic priestesses who took refuge in the spot where the Nossa Senhora da Vandoma fountain now stands. The estate is currently managed by the fifth generation of the Guedes family, who still reside in the stately manor house.

The estate spans over eight hectares of historical gardens containing more than 114 floral species and century-old trees. The central quinta is decorated with ivy, and a massive lake features a thatched teahouse in the middle. Visitors can also find the ornate Manueline window, where Dom João IV was declared king. The estate is home to peacocks, swans, chickens, geese, and even goats who reside in their three-story stone tower.

A garden tour is the best way to take in all the beauty of the estate before enjoying lunch on the veranda. Visitors can also taste Quinta da Aveleda cheeses and wines, including classic and top-quality Vinho Verde, single varietal wines, and the estate’s brandy.

Quinta da Aveleda is dedicated to producing top-quality wines, highlighting the native grape varieties that often go unnoticed within the blends. The estate also produces wines that highlight specific soil types, and their latest release, the ‘Icon’ cuvée, celebrates the estate’s 150th anniversary. This wine is dedicated to the founder and is made from grapes harvested from the finest parcels of land. Overall, Quinta da Aveleda is a hidden gem, waiting to be discovered by visitors who appreciate history, nature, and top-quality wine.

Country     Portugal

Address    R. da Aveleda 2, 4560-570 Penafiel, Portugal

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Quinta da Aveleda

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