Tío Pepe

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Cádiz, Spain

Tío Pepe, a sherry brand created in 1841 by the founder of González Byass and named after his Uncle Joe, Tío Pepe started out as a dry white Fino and now encompasses a full range of sherries, in addition to brandies, vermouths and aged vinegars. They are all produced in Andalucia’s Jerez de la Frontera, where the wine was named after its home and place of production. Tío Pepe’s range includes dry to sweet sherries, historical releases, vermouth, and Brandies de Jerez.

The bodegas are known for their playful spirit, and visitors can take a ride on a miniature red train that transports them between the cellars or observe the real-life drunken mice who climb step ladders to sip sweet Pedro Ximénez from traditional ‘copita’ sherry glasses. Private tours take visitors through the vineyards, winery, bottling rooms, and nineteenth-century aging cellars, concluding with wine and tapas tastings.

In 2020, Tío Pepe opened what could be the world’s first sherry hotel in the heart of Old Town Jerez. The hotel features 27 bedrooms and suites decorated in clean, white lines with accented colors and a stunning rooftop terrace with a bar, restaurant, and pool. The wines, including dry to lusciously sweet sherries, historical ranges, brandies, vermouths, and aged vinegars, all exhibit the same distinctive character.

Country     Spain

Address    C. Manuel María González, 12, 11403 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz, Spain

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Tío Pepe

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