Bodegas Bianchi

Uco Valley, Argentina

In 1928, Valentin Bianchi fulfilled one of his greatest dreams: to have his own vineyard and winery which he called El Chiche, “the small winery of great wines”. Don Valentín’s tireless vocation was forging a family winery whose name would become a true heritage of Argentina: Bodegas Bianchi. A winery with a family heritage, part of the heritage and richness of their land. They are proud of their achievements and inherent quality and excellence of all their products, today and looking to the future. Uco Valley terroir is a milestone for Bodegas Bianchi since it shows the birth of their global brand strategy. It is the natural growth of the 90-year history in the search for new flavors for the local and international market.

The three sons of Valentin Bianchi’s descendant Don Enzo, together with their cousins, the Stradella family, built this great wine family and continued the founder’s legacy. Currently and with more than 90 years of history woven by four generations, the Bianchi family keeps its values intact. Their wines respect the goodness and heritage of San Rafael and show the evolution and uniqueness of the Uco Valley. When making reference to Bodegas Bianchi, they refer to the winery of San Rafael, Valentín Bianchi, and the winery of Valle de Uco, Enzo Bianchi.

Year           1928

Country     Argentina

Address    Carril Los Sauces S/N , Corredor Productivo (Entre Ruta 90 y Ruta 94) – Vista Flores CP 5565 – Tunuyán

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Bodegas Bianchi

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