Valle de la Puerta

Famatina Valley, Argentina

The vineyards of Valle de la Puerta are situated in the Famatina Valley of Argentina, once inhabited by the indigenous people known as the Diaguitas. The Diaguitas worshipped natural elements such as the sun, thunder, and lightning, and their cultural symbols, like the Condor and the puma, are now incorporated into the representation of the winery’s wines. The region’s scarcity of rainfall, a historical challenge for the Diaguitas, plays a crucial role in the production of high-quality wines from this arid desert valley.

Valle de la Puerta, established in 1994, is located in the Famatina Valley between the Famatina and Velasco mountain ranges, a breathtaking setting branching off the Andes. This unique valley benefits from well-drained topsoil and a climate characterized by hot, dry days and cool nights. Despite receiving only 4 to 8 inches of rain per year, the vineyards thrive due to the availability of water from deep wells for irrigation. These intense climatic conditions contribute to the development of unique and expressive varietals, offering wines with exceptional ripening conditions, depth of flavor, elegance, and vibrant character.

The winery’s commitment to honoring the Diaguita heritage and culture is reflected in their adoption of symbols like the Condor and the puma. By embracing the legacy of the indigenous people and utilizing the natural advantages of the Famatina Valley, Valle de la Puerta creates wines that showcase the region’s distinct terroir, producing both crisp white varieties and intensely flavored reds.

Year           1994

Country     Argentina

Address    Ruta Nacional 74 km 1,186, Vichigasta, 5374 La Rioja

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Valle de la Puerta

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