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Mendoza, Argentina

Nestled in the Uco Valley, SuperUco is a contemporary winery that was born in 2011 from the shared vision of four brothers and a friend. The vineyards at SuperUco are planted in concentric circles, allowing the grapes to ripen from every angle and reflecting nature’s decisive lack of straight lines and vertices. This biodynamic philosophy runs deep throughout the estate, with the circles extending across the property and linked by trails, symbolizing the interconnectedness of everything in life.

SuperUco produces superlative and faithful reflections of the Uco Valley with its white and red wines, which are made with minimal intervention from Malbec, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, and Riesling. With some of the highest vineyards in Mendoza, the wines here are capable of marked freshness and acidity, and the ethos at SuperUco is to interfere as little as possible with this potential.

Whilst the terrace lounge of seasonal restaurant La Cocina de SuperUco offers views over the Andes mountain range and a happy fusion of food, wine, and music, guests can also join in with hand harvesting the grapes and then tread them with their feet. They can also learn about the organic and biodynamic principles that govern SuperUco’s farming through hands-on training sessions that involve crafting the natural ‘preparations’ used to treat the soils. The 90-minute tours are all led by members of the family, taking guests through the vineyards, farm, gardens, and winery, corralling with the animals and tasting wines directly from the barrels in a fully immersive experience.

SuperUco was founded by Matías, Juan Pablo, Gerardo, and Gabriel Michelini, and Daniel Sammartino. Together, they bring a wealth of winemaking knowledge (and the help of their extended families) to these two hectares of land, which they hope to depict with purity in their wines. These are fermented using native yeasts and matured in French oak barrels (old and new, of varying sizes) or concrete eggs – no stainless steel.

SuperUco’s new age thinking for a new age of winemaking is reflected in its biodynamic philosophy and minimal intervention approach. This contemporary winery offers an unforgettable experience for wine lovers who want to explore the Uco Valley in all its glory.

Country      Argentina

Address     Ruta Provincial 94, M5562 Los Chacayes, Mendoza 5562 Tunuyán, Mendoza, Argentina

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It is awarded to wineries that have been recommended by Wine Leaders around the world. It gives a boost in the level of credibility in the global wine community and it is a great way to strengthen the winery image.

Buyers, distributors, business partners and even travelers are more eager to contact awarded wineries to buy their wines and visit the winery. 

The certificate displays wineries name and relevant year, it can be shared on website, social media or used for promotional purposes. It is also possible to receive the framed version by post. 

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