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Florence, Italy

Selvapiana, in Medieval times, served as one of the watch towers situated along the river Sieve, built with the primary objective of safeguarding the city of Florence on its North-Eastern border. However, during the Renaissance, the structure underwent significant expansion and transformation, becoming a villa that served as a summer retreat for noble Florentine families and the bishops of Florence. In 1827, Michele Giuntini, a prosperous banker and ancestor of the present owner Francesco Giuntini, acquired Selvapiana. Since 1957, Francesco has led the estate, which spans over 250 hectares, with 58 hectares dedicated to vineyards, 36 to olive gardens, and 140 to woodland, spread across the municipalities of Rufina, Pontassieve, and Pelago.

Francesco Giuntini has consistently recognized and championed the value of the Rufina appellation, tirelessly working to enhance the region’s prestige. He was among the first Tuscan producers to craft Riserva wine exclusively from Sangiovese grapes and to create the flagship wine of Selvapiana, sourced from the single vineyard Bucerchiale. The inaugural vintage of the Chianti Rufina Riserva Vigneto Bucerchiale was in 1979. In 1978, recognizing the immense talent, Francesco enlisted the young Franco Bernabei as a consultant enologist. Bernabei, now one of the most renowned Tuscan oenologists, continues to provide his expertise to Selvapiana.

In 1997, Selvapiana transitioned into the hands of Francesco Giuntini’s adopted sons, Federico and Silvia, who are the children of the estate manager Franco Masseti. Masseti had worked closely with Francesco from 1953 to 1990, ensuring a seamless continuation of the estate’s operations. The Rufina vineyards of Selvapiana are nestled in the hills at the foothills of the Apennines, the mountain range separating Tuscany from Emilia Romagna. The proximity to the mountains significantly influences the microclimate, leading to cooler summers and notable temperature variations between day and night. This gradual ripening process allows the grapes to develop a harmonious balance of aromatic compounds. The resulting wines exhibit fresh acidity, finesse, elegance, silky tannins, and a lingering aftertaste.

Country    Italy

Address Selvapiana, 50068 Rufina (FLORENCE) ITALY

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