Clos Apalta

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O'Higgins, Chile

Clos Apalta, a Chilean winery, is the creation of Grand Marnier heiress Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle and her husband Cyril de Bournet. The seven-floor gravity-fed winery, carved 35 meters down into the rock below, is a remarkable piece of architecture that reflects the ambition of its founders. The winery produces Old World Bordeaux blends dominated by Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère.

Clos Apalta’s mission to put Chilean wine on the map began in 1994 and was accomplished in 2018 when Apalta was awarded its own Denomination of Origin. The Clos Apalta wines have won numerous accolades, combining French finesse with the exceptional terroir of the region. The vineyard, situated in a natural amphitheater of native forest, boasts some of the oldest vines in the area, planted as far back as 1915.

Visitors to Clos Apalta can stay in one of four private villas decorated with natural silk, leather, and indigenous wood. Each villa has its own balcony, and the estate offers a range of activities, including vineyard tours on horseback, bike, or foot. A wellness program featuring massages and yoga classes and an infinity pool offer guests a chance to relax. The estate provides a gourmet picnic or gastronomic refinement in the dining room upon guests’ return, with ingredients sourced from the garden and local farmers.

Clos Apalta owns 160 hectares of organic and biodynamic vineyards and focuses on promoting the natural potential of the ancient Cretaceous soils. The climate in this pocket is semi-dry Mediterranean, with hills to one side and the cooling Tinguiririca River below protecting the vines from extreme heat. The vineyards produce complex and well-balanced blends, thanks to the patchwork of soil compositions, altitudes, and aspects among Clos Apalta’s vines. The winery is regarded as Chilean Grand Crus and offers Bordeaux-style red blends that are sure to impress.

Country      Chile

Address     Santa Cruz, O’Higgins, Chile

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Clos Apalta

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