Viña Santa Cruz

Colchagua Valley, Chile

Viña Santa Cruz was born in 2003, a vineyard with “ Body and Soul ” under the innovative vision of the Chairman of the Cardoen group, Carlos Cardoen C., visionary Chilean businessman who loves the land, its traditions and the Terroir of Lolol.

They mix the great oenological potential of Lolol with the cultural content of the peoples who preceded them. Its body is reflected in the Chamán Reserva, Chamán Gran Reserva, Make Make, Tupu and Santa Cruz wine lines.

Every wine from Viña Santa Cruz is created with Pride, Experience, Transparency, Respect for Nature, Corporate Social Responsibility, Passion for challenges and creativity. And each of these values you can discover and feel drop by drop, cup by cup.

Year           2003

Country     Chile

Address    Ruta, I-72 km 25, Lolol, O’Higgins. Viña Santa Cruz

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Viña Santa Cruz

Sauvignon Blanc

Visual phase: Very bright yellow color with silver edges.Olfactory phase: High aromatic intensity. Notes of tropical fruits such as pineapple and passion fruit stand out…

Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine would combine perfectly with any type of stew, roasted or baked meat, not very spicy, and pasta. Visual phase: Violet red color. Olfactory phase: Wine with very fruity and sweet aromas…


Fase visual: Color rosado pálido, límpido y brillante.Fase olfativa: En nariz se presenta con aromas a frutillas y frambuesas, ligadas a delicadas notas a almendras, nueces y toffee.


Ruby red with an intense and bright layer, olfactory phase of important complexity. At first you can perceive its balsamic notes, which denote its two years of aging in barrels.


Ruby red wine with violet hues and a lot of layer. Elegant aromatic expression, where spices, herbal and mineral notes, and ripe red fruits are mixed. The aging gives it aromas…


It goes very well with a serrano ham for snacking or an exquisite dish of beans with reins. Visual phase: Ruby red of medium intensity but delicate and bright.

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