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Mendoza, Argentina

In Patagonia, the Caiquén, a wild goose, bravely crosses the Andes, connecting Argentina and Chile. This remarkable journey mirrors that of Aurelio Montes, founder of Bodega Montes, a renowned Chilean winery.

Just as the Caiquén braves the Andes, Aurelio ventured across these mountains, finally rediscovering Mendoza in 2000 as a land rich in exquisite vines and industrious people. In 2001, he realized his dream by establishing Kaikén Wines, with wines that symbolize the essence of a truly great wine.

Today, Kaikén owns vineyards in Argentina’s most prestigious regions, producing wines that express their unique terroir, widely recognized for their quality.

The Kaikén winery, built in 1920 by Italo Calise, initially produced olive oil, distilled beverages, and tartaric acid, along with wine. Today, the winery can produce seven million liters of wine, fermenting in tanks ideal for small, high-quality batches, with larger tanks and 1,500 barrels for aging.

The Kaikén spirit, like the journey of the Caiquén, permeates throughout the winery. It melds tradition with innovation, employing concrete tanks and biodynamic practices for energy efficiency while maintaining the highest winemaking standards.

Kaikén is dedicated to producing premium wines, caring for the environment, and its team, fostering a sustainable culture in every step of winemaking. The aim is for Kaikén’s footprint to contribute to conservation and continual care.

The Kaikén philosophy resonates the flight of the Caiquén: no boundary is the end. Every achievement marks the beginning of a new challenge, in an infinite spiral of growth. Guided by the ambition to elevate winemaking and terroir quality, Kaikén is committed to reaching new consumers and maintaining its pillars: quality, expertise, premium wines, and sustainability.

Country      Argentina

Address     Roque Saenz Peña 5516 5509 Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina

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