Audrey Wilkinson

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New South Wales, Australia

The history of Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard dates back to 1866 when the Wilkinson family obtained the land where the vineyard is currently located. Over the years, Audrey Wilkinson played a significant role in the vineyard’s development. In 1897, he pioneered the implementation of advanced technologies such as cement fermenters and steam-powered crushers and hopper. His innovative approach continued to yield results, and by 1903, Audrey Wilkinson’s wines, including hock, claret, and fortified varieties, were recognized and awarded across Australia. The vineyard’s success continued in 1916 when they won the first prize for claret at the prestigious Sydney Royal Show. Audrey Wilkinson’s legacy carried on even after his passing in 1962, as the vineyard’s name became synonymous with pioneering winemaking.

In 2004, the Agnew family entered the Australian wine industry by acquiring the renowned Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard in the Hunter Valley. Two years later, in 2006, the 2006 Museum Semillon from Audrey Wilkinson became their most acclaimed wine, receiving an astonishing 12 Trophies and 20 Gold awards. In 2016, the vineyard celebrated its 150th anniversary, marking a century and a half of producing exceptional wines. In 2019, after bidding farewell to their long-serving Chief Winemaker, Jeff Byrne, Xanthe Hatcher was promoted to Chief Winemaker for Agnew Wines, responsible for overseeing the winemaking process for Audrey Wilkinson, Cockfighter’s Ghost, and Pooles Rock labels, ensuring the continuation of the vineyard’s tradition of excellence.


Year           1866

Country     Australia

Address    750 De Beyers Rd, Pokolbin, Cessnock, New South Wales 2320

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Audrey Wilkinson

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