Vasse Felix

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Wilyabrup, Australia

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Margaret River, Western Australia, Vasse Felix stands as a testament to passion, vision, and dedication. Founded in 1967 by the pioneering spirit of Dr. Tom Cullity, our esteemed winery has become an icon in the world of wine, shaping the landscape of the Margaret River wine region from its very inception. Margaret River is undeniably one of the great wine regions of the world, known for its pristine environment and a climate that provides the perfect conditions for cultivating exceptional grapes. From the first vine plantings that took root at Vasse Felix to the modern-day, we have cherished the opportunity to explore and express the very essence of this blessed region through our wines.

At the heart of our winemaking philosophy lies a profound respect for the land and its heritage. Our vineyards, lovingly tended to in the gentle embrace of Margaret River’s natural beauty, serve as the cradle for our exquisite wines. Here, the vines soak up the sun’s rays, cooled by the nearby ocean breeze, resulting in grapes of unparalleled character and intensity. With a keen focus on grape varieties ideally suited to this microclimate, our wines have emerged as true representations of Margaret River’s strengths. The noble Cabernet Sauvignon, celebrated Chardonnay, and the captivating blends of Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon all find their place within our distinguished collection. From vine to bottle, every step of our winemaking process is carefully overseen with unwavering commitment. The modern winery, nestled within our Home Vineyard and overlooking the serene Wilyabrup Brook, serves as a testament to our pursuit of excellence. It is here that tradition meets innovation, as we honor Dr. Cullity’s legacy while embracing contemporary techniques to craft wines of exceptional quality.

Beyond our state-of-the-art facilities and world-class vineyards, Vasse Felix is defined by the people who bring it to life. As a family-owned and operated winery, our close-knit team shares a common passion for the craft, nurturing the spirit that has guided us since the beginning. Each bottle of Vasse Felix wine encapsulates the culmination of generations of knowledge, a deep-rooted love for the land, and the relentless pursuit of perfection. As you raise a glass of our wine, you join us in celebrating the incredible environment and climate of Margaret River and the remarkable journey of Vasse Felix. It is a journey driven by Dr. Cullity’s original aim: to make the best possible wine, crafted with heart and soul from the heart of Margaret River.

Country    Australia

Address 4357 Caves Rd, Wilyabrup WA 6284, Australia

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Vasse Felix

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