Tanunda, Australia

Langmeil is a blend of Barossa’s cultural beginnings and a family’s modern day commitment to world-class, old vine winemaking. Once a trading village established in 1842, this remarkable place is a captivating pocket of Australia’s wine and vine history that is a must when visiting the Barossa. Owned by the Lindner family, whose own mark on the Barossa spans six-generations of farming, food, community and wine, Langmeil is renowned for its preservation of old vines and the making of distinguished wines from these cherished sites.

Biodiversity thrives amongst their dry grown vines to ensure each site is in balance with nature. Allowing such harmony with the natural environment is a responsibility they take seriously as custodians of the land. Resurrecting Barossa’s old vines is also an undertaking they continue to take in their stride since acquiring the notable, yet derelict, Langmeil property and its vines in 1996. These vineyards, along with other family-owned sites in the cooler Eden Valley and southern grounds of Lyndoch are the foundation to all the wines bearing the Langmeil name.

In the winery, Chief Winemaker, Paul Lindner, draws on both old world and new world techniques while practicing both minimal filtration and human intervention to ensure the grape’s full potential is captured. These techniques help capture the special characteristics of each variety and the subtleties derived from the distinctive microclimates of our region to create fruit-driven wines with subtle complexity.

Year           1996

Country     Australia

Address    Corner Langmeil & Para Roads, Tanunda SA 5352


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Shirley Lindner

Women Wine Leaders

Richard Lindner (now deceased) and his wife Shirley Della-Mina with sons Paul and James Lindner, purchased the winery in 1996 and are the current custodians of Langmeil Winery. Both Richard and Shirley’s family trees are dotted with generations of grape growers, farmers and butchers. While the grape growing families mainly grew grapes to appease a thirst for homemade wine and grappa (and to keep the neighbours happy!), grapes and the local wines were integral to life while pursuing their primary passions of farming and food.






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