Craggy Range

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Havelock North, New Zealand

Craggy Range Winery in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand, is a beautiful spot that offers both excellent wine and warm hospitality. Terry Peabody and his wife Mary travelled the world in search of the perfect location for their winery, and they found it in the stunning landscape of New Zealand.

Established in 1998, Craggy Range is known for its precision winemaking and its focus on Bordeaux blends using traditional French grape varieties. The Peabodys have also established a 1,000-year trust to ensure the estate can never be sold, and they are committed to protecting their land with a bold biodiversity project that involves planting over 100 hectares of native trees with their Martinborough vineyards to improve the ecosystem.

Visitors can take a tour of the grounds and vineyards, which are adorned with sculptures, before heading to the Giant’s Winery. There, guests can learn about the state-of-the-art equipment and the legend of Te Mata’s Sleeping Giant before enjoying a private tasting of the estate’s ‘Prestige Collection’ in the underground barrel hall.

Dining at the Craggy Range Restaurant is also a must, where head chef Casey McDonald creates chic, contemporary cuisine using local ingredients. Guests can also stay in private lodges with beautiful views of the vineyards, valley or Tukituki River.

Craggy Range works with esteemed viticulturalist and Master of Wine Steve Smith to produce wines that tell the story of their soils. The low-yielding vines in the finest sites across Hawke’s Bay, Martinborough, Marlborough, and Central Otago produce top-quality grapes that are gently treated at one of Craggy Range’s two wineries. With its commitment to sustainability and excellence in winemaking, Craggy Range is a special place to visit.

Country       New Zealand

Address      253 Waimarama Road, Havelock North, New Zealand

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Craggy Range

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