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Join the World Wine Expo to connect with international wine buyers and partners. We promote the diversity and richness of wine around the world, creating business opportunities for all. We welcome members from all countries and are currently reaching more than 200 territories.

Our vibrant B2B network consists in wine buyers, sellers, wholesalers and retailers. Finding people and businesses with the same passion for wine in a common market has never been easier. You can easily contact trade show participants by messaging them directly on the platform or even making video calls.


Create Attractive Product Showcases

Your Business Page allows you to present your brand globally just the way you want. You can add up to 300 products, creating an engaging showcase that will present them in their best light. Buyers will be able to find your products by searching either by location, wine type or brand name.

Each product has its own tailored page where you can add a detailed description, images, videos and links. Once you set up your business and product pages, other users will be able to like your products and share them with others.

Target the B2B Wine Audiences

The World Wine Expo isn’t just one trade show but a group of tradeshows based on location and product type.

This means you can be part of several expos at the same time. Depending on your wines or wine related products, you will automatically join up to 12 different online trade shows where thousands of potential buyers will be able to see your showcase and get in touch with you.

For instance, you can be part of the World Wine Expo, the Italy Wine Expo and the Organic Wine Expo at the same time, targeting several wine niches worldwide.

Your Business Page

Your Business Page Is
Much More Efficient Than Any Website

You can easily create a stunning showcase of your products and services with no technical skills. Your Business Page is a lead generation page that allows you to run worldwide advertising. Once set up, your online showcase is always on. Your products are shown in the World Wine EXPO, so that buyers and partners in the wine industry around the world can find and connect with you easily.

Product Page









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Global Audiences

Target any country or region and interact with your community through a chatting and video conference system.

Product Showcase

Add up to 300 products,
each with a presentation page including images and videos.

Quick And

Use a simple page editing system to manage your products showcases. Your page will be ready in a few clicks.

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Brand Awareness

Get An Attractive
Business Page with high
logo visibility.

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Easily search for wine businesses
and potential buyers an partners
by browsing our wine expos.

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You can add links to your website
and social media on your business page
to attract more organic traffic.


We give priority
to your content
on your profile page.


The World Wine Expo is fully online. You can access it 24/7 from the comfort of your own home or office.


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The World Wine Expo partners with BtoTree, the largest Online Expo in the world. BtoTree’s extends the traditional trade show concept into vibrant and lasting online business communities focused around any location, category and interest.

Join our Member community to gain a stronger presence on the World Wine EXPO and benefit from exclusive WIA articles and posts about your business.

Join us to drive your wine business and passion forward!