Champagne Chartogne-Taillet

Merfy, France

In the 7th century, the villages’ wine growers, situated in Merfy, drew on the heritage of the Benedictine monks from the abbey of Saint Thierry. Generation after generation, Merfy’s wine growers, together with the abbey, shaped the viticultural landscapes of their hillsides, meticulously separating each plot according to its geological origins, soils, subsoils, etc. Names were subsequently inscribed on maps of the village, and these became the “lieu-dits,” which today nourish the roots of the vines growing there.

The traces of the wine growers in their family go back to 1490, with Nicolas Taillet, and Fiacre Taillet in 1540. By 1700, a second Fiacre Taillet, an erudite wine grower, was writing his memoirs recounting his lifework, as well as all the important events of the village, the family, and his profession. The Chartogne-Taillet family continues this tradition of writing and savoir-faire inherited from this legacy of wine growing.

Country     France

Address    12 Rue du Meix Grenot 21700 Magny-Les-Villers, France

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Champagne Chartogne - Taillet Wines


The Sainte Anne cuvée is the sensory translation of wines from the different soils of the village of Merfy. Each of the village’s plots contributes part of its identity to “create” this cuvée. Sainte Anne’s textures are revealed throughout the entire length…


Le Rosé is a blended Champagne composed of Chardonnay, and red grape varieties (mostly Pinot Noir). The blended red wine comes from one of two plots recognised for the quality of their red-wine grapes. In certain years, from the Orizeaux plot, and since 2017…


The Heurtebise plot gives us wines with an Angular, Vibrant texture. A mid and upper palate salivation marks this Champagne, accompanied by a crystalline and sometimes tannic consistency. The sandstone minerality …


Wines from Les Orizeaux quickly go into natural fermentation. The availability of mineral elements in this vineyard seems to favour rapid and stable fermentations. This wine rapidly triggers malolactic fermentation, no matter …


Les Barres yields wines with textures that vary over time. At first, in their youth, the wines are rich, spherical, enveloping, almost sticky (reminiscent of grape skins from non-grafted plants). Over time, the structure becomes more refined …


A warm wine, with medium salivation at the back of the tongue. Tannic bitterness coats the palate. Le Chemin de Reims is mainly planted with Chardonnay, but, due to the iron-rich soil, the fullness and good structure …

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