Fratelli Alessandria

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Piemont, Italy

In the heart of the picturesque village of Verduno lies a winery that embodies the essence of winemaking tradition and passion. The large 18th-century house, with its understated yet majestic lines, serves as the epicenter of Fratelli Alessandria, a winery deeply rooted in history and family heritage. Gian Battista, his wife Flavia, brother Alessandro, and son Vittore proudly carry forward the winemaking legacy that dates back over a century, representing the seventh and eighth generations of winemakers in their family. This captivating journey began with the Fratelli Dabbene, which later evolved into Fratelli Alessandria following a momentous marriage in the 1870s.
Verduno, located at the northern tip of the Barolo zone, basks in its unique microclimate, influenced by gentle air currents from the nearby River Tanaro. This idyllic setting, coupled with the distinctive soil composition and various elements of the terroir, imparts a distinctive character to the wines produced in this region. The marriage of climate, soil, and the tender care of the Alessandria family results in wines that reflect the true spirit of the land they call home.
Every step of the winemaking process at Fratelli Alessandria is guided by a profound respect for tradition and an unwavering commitment to quality. The family believes that wine is an art form, and their winemaking practices are akin to an artist meticulously crafting a masterpiece. From the moment the grapes are carefully hand-picked to the aging process in oak barrels and finally to the bottling and labeling, each stage receives the utmost attention and dedication.

Country   Italy

Address Via Beato Valfrè, 59 – 12060 Verduno (CN)

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Fratelli Alessandria

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