Quinta do Infantado

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Chanceleiros, Portugal

Quinta do Infantado is a popular winery located in Douro’s Cima Corgo region, founded in 1816 by King D. Pedro IV of Portugal and D. Pedro I of Brazil. The Roseira family bought the winery in the late 19th century and turned it into one of the region’s top destinations through their innovative spirit.

Quinta do Infantado specializes in producing naturally made Douro wines, including red and white varieties, and medium-dry Ports. The winery’s owners, Luís and António, broke with tradition in 1979 by becoming the first small producers to bottle their wines. They hit the international market in 1986 after a law change, leading to a shift in the region’s traditional practices.

João, the fifth-generation winemaker, has upheld the family’s innovative spirit and gained organic certification for 12 of the estate’s 46 hectares. The remainder is farmed under integrated production.

Visitors can participate in a 45-minute tour of the winery, including the wine-making and aging process. Wine and Port tastings are also offered. During harvest season, visitors can join the grape-picking process and enjoy a wine tasting session with a homemade lunch.

Quinta do Infantado’s vineyards are situated in the Gontelho Valley, renowned for producing exceptional wines. The terraced old-vine parcels are grown on steep schistous hills, with a high-tech robot system employed to tread the grapes. The wines are known for their fresh, fruity character, marked by their acidity. In summary, Quinta do Infantado’s wines are balanced, fresh, and showcase the unique terroir of the region.

Country      Portugal

Address     Quinta do Infantado 5085-217 Pinhão Chanceleiros, Portugal

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Quinta do Infantado

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