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Tsinandali, Georgia​


Tsinandali Estate is the cradle of classical winemaking in Georgia, the place where Georgian wine was first bottled. Tsinandali Estate located in the heartland of the wine-producing region of Kakheti was among the domains of the Chavchavadze princely family for centuries, but the true revival of the Estate is linked with the name of Prince Alexander Chavchavadze who turned this picturesque Estate into the center of the cultural life of Georgia. Saperavi of 1841 and other 19th-century historical vintages are still preserved at Princely Oenotheque.

Under Prince Alexander, Chavchavadze Tsinandali Estate continued the 8000-year-long tradition of Georgian winemaking and at the same time created a standard of modern technological approach. Today this noble tradition continues and ancient kvevri and classical European winemaking still coexist.

The unique vineyard is bordered by canyons and forest creating detached territory with superb terroir. Everything Tsinandali Estate utilizes to create its famous produce is tailor-made for the Estate.

Year           1814

Country     Georgia

Address    M-42, Tsinandali

Tel:            +995 570 70 43 89

Email         info@tsinandali.com

Hours        Monday to Sunday

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Tsinandali Estate was awarded a Global Winery Certificate Of Excellence in 2022 for its achievements and expertise in the wine industry.

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