Champagne Ruinart

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Reims, France

Champagne Ruinart, established by Nicolas Ruinart in 1729, was the first Champagne house in the world. The maison’s easily recognisable bottles hark back to the eighteenth century, as does the tradition of aging wines in their medieval chalk cellars, Les Crayéres, which are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These ethereal vaults sit 40 meters beneath the city of Reims and stretch eight kilometers long, providing a naturally cool and dark environment for storing wine.

Chalk is key to growing quality Chardonnay, the one white grape of the traditional three used to make Champagne. Ruinart is renowned for its clear-bottled Blanc de Blancs, which blends fruit from a variety of chalk-rich Premier Cru soils across the region. The maison practices sustainability, including using a lightweight, recyclable ‘Second Skin’ instead of gift boxes.

Ruinart offers tours of the historic Crayères, followed by a tasting of two wines. Resident chef Valérie Radou oversees vibrant weekend brunch menus during the warmer months, and her artistic pairings for the maison’s wines are available online. Art is a prevailing theme at Ruinart, with collaborations with notable artists and participation in the world’s biggest fairs, including Frieze and Art Basel. The maison’s select range includes a rosé and prestige cuvées from exceptional vintages, named after Dom Thierry, Nicolas Ruinart’s uncle, whose partiality for sparkling wine is said to have inspired the maison.

Ruinart is a High Environment Value company, and its biodiversity project centers around the celebrated Premier Cru Taissy vineyard. Guests may notice the new wooden installations by German environmental artist Nils-Udo amid the vines. As Ruinart approaches its 300th anniversary, it remains committed to the future and its historic traditions.

Year          1729

Country     France

Address    4 Rue des Crayères, 51100 Reims, France

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Champagne Ruinart

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