Château Maris

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Félines-Minervois, France

Château Maris is a renowned winery situated in La Livinière, at the heart of the Minervois region between Toulouse and Montpellier. The estate, covering 45 hectares of land, is divided into numerous plots on the sun-drenched south-facing hillside above La Livinière. The terroir is characterized by a gentle slope and a rich combination of schist, sandstone, quartz, marble, and limestone, which have developed over millions of years. This diverse soil, consisting of sand, clay, and pebbles, forms terraces at different elevations, providing an ideal environment for cultivating vines. Embraced by the Mediterranean sun and cooled by winds from the nearby Pyrenees, the vines benefit from a unique climate, imbuing the wines of Château Maris with distinctive character.

Committed to sustainable practices, Château Maris earned its Ecocert certification in 2002, followed by Biodyvin in 2004 and Demeter in 2008. The winery’s deep respect for nature is central to its philosophy. Following biodynamic viticulture principles, the team acknowledges the role of life in all its forms and strives to care for and understand nature on a daily basis. They meticulously observe lunar and solar cycles to work in harmony with nature, allowing the complex ecosystem of the vineyard’s soils and living organisms to influence the grape’s quality and flavors. This belief in more respectful practices forms the foundation for producing wines of exceptional quality.

One of the distinguishing features of Château Maris is their use of indigenous yeast and their unique winemaking vessels, including custom-made wooden, thick concrete, and egg-shaped vats. The ovoid vats, inspired by Roman dolia, facilitate the natural flow of energy and convection currents during fermentation. As a result, their wines develop with a distinct, authentic character. Furthermore, Château Maris employs a winemaking process that preserves the lightness and purity of the wines, achieved through the natural resuspension of fine lees.

Year           1999

Country     France

Address    7 rue de l’Occitanie, 34210 Felines Minervois

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Château Maris

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