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Le Castellet, France

Domaine Ott, a renowned winery with a rich history, was founded in 1896 by Marcel Ott, a young agronomy engineering graduate from Alsace. After touring numerous vineyards in France, he fell in love with an estate in Provence, where the Mediterranean’s gentle waves kissed the shore nearby. However, the region had suffered from the devastating phylloxera outbreak, necessitating the costly replanting of vineyards. Undeterred, Marcel Ott purchased several estates and embarked on a mission to create exceptional Provencal wines from noble grape varieties. Over 120 years later, Jean-François Ott continues the legacy, upholding his ancestor’s love for the site and passion for winemaking.

In 2004, Domaines Ott* merged with the prestigious wine house Louis Roederer, known for its excellent wine selection. Today, Jean-François and his dedicated teams manage three distinct estates under the Domaine Ott umbrella: Château de Selle, Clos Mireille, and Château Romassan. Each estate produces elegant rosé, red, and white wines, showcasing the region’s winemaking prowess. Notably, the famous “Cœur de Grain” stands as a pinnacle of winemaking genius, enclosed in a bottle inspired by the grace of Provence’s landscape, reminiscent of an elegant ancient amphora.

Throughout the years, Domaine Ott’s unwavering dedication to quality winemaking and its commitment to preserving the soul of the land have solidified its position as an iconic winery in Provence. Its wines continue to evoke the essence of the region’s terroir, embraced by the sea breeze and nurtured by the Cypresses that dot the landscape. The legacy of Marcel Ott lives on through the passion and expertise of Jean-François Ott and his team, as they carry forward the tradition of creating exceptional wines that capture the spirit of Provence in every sip.

Year           18

Country     France

Address    601 Rte des Mourvedres, 83330 Le Castellet, France

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Domaines Ott

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