Viu Manent

Colchagua Valley, Chile

Viu Manent, a family-run winery in the rustic countryside estate of Colchagua Valley, Chile, has been at the forefront of the country’s wine tourism industry since 1995. Founded in 1935, the winery offers a flagship tour through the Variety Garden, vineyards, and tasting session, concluding with a chance to ride in antique horse-drawn carriages. The estate offers high-quality wines in white, red, and rosé styles that champion Chilean Malbec and Carménère grapes.

Viu Manent’s Food and Wine Studio, managed by celebrity chef Pilar Rodríguez, serves meat and fish cooked in a mud oven, paired with salads and other refreshing options. The winery supports sustainable practices, such as using solar panels for tourist operations, preserving native flora and fauna alongside the vineyards, and reducing the carbon footprint. Recently, the winery earned ‘purple’ certification, recognising its tourism practices, environmental, social, and winemaking procedures.

Viu Manent’s commitment to innovation and experimentation is reflected in their eight different Malbec cuvées, including the ‘Viu 1’, made with grapes from the oldest vineyard block, San Carlo, where the vines are over 100 years old. The winery also experiments with single vineyard Carménère and aims to make Chardonnay exclusively from Colchagua fruit. José, the founder’s grandson, has continued the family tradition of showcasing the nuances of the region through its wines, and he helped establish the Colchagua Valley Wine Route.

Year           1935

Country     Chile

Address    Carretera del Vino Km 37, Cunaco, VI Región

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Viu Manent

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