Bodegas RE

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Casablanca Valley, Chile

Bodegas RE is a small family vineyard established in 2008 by Pablo Morandé Lavín and his children: Pablo, Piedad, and Macarena. The family consists of professionals in the field of oenology and holds a strong connection to human history, customs, traditions, and gastronomy. Their unique wine concept revolves around recreating, reinventing, and revealing ancestral wines, ranging from those mentioned in biblical accounts to wines crafted by their family in clay jars in past centuries. Bodegas RE strives to bring back the beauty of these wines, breathing new life into them. By combining the historical foundation with modernity, the family has found inspiration in the discovery of Casablanca and the pioneering of modern and elegant wines, allowing them to create the distinctive RE wines.

The history of Bodegas RE is both long and recent. Pablo Morandé Lavín represents the ninth generation of the Morandé family, who first planted vineyards in Peñaflor and produced wines and liquors in clay jars. He also represents the fifth generation of the Lavín and Urrutia families, who owned extensive vineyards in the Cauquenes area of the Maule region. These viticultural roots deeply influenced their winemaking philosophy and aspirations. The decision to create wines as a family and revolutionize the wine industry was made in 2008. The family has preserved the ancestral clay jars from Maule and uses them partially in the winemaking process to demonstrate that excellence can be achieved through a combination of ancient techniques and contemporary knowledge. By redesigning and recreating the old clay jars into giant concrete amphorae, Bodegas RE has created vessels with unique character, quality, and beauty in the world of wine.

For the Morandé family, the discovery of Casablanca and their pioneering efforts in producing modern and elegant wines have been crucial in conceiving the RE wines. They believe that history serves as the foundation for modernity. Through their winemaking practices, they aim to revive the wines of their ancestors and the craftsmanship behind them. Bodegas RE creates imagined wines, reinvents dream wines, and reveals a beauty that can only be found in their distinctive RE wines.

Year           2008

Country     Chile

Address    Camino Lo Ovalle, Casablanca, Valparaíso

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Bodegas RE

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