Graham's Port

Winery Star

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Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

Over 200 years of exceptional winemaking knowledge, tradition, and pushing the boundaries.

Founded in 1820, Graham’s Port quickly gained a reputation for producing exceptional ports. This success led to the construction of the Graham’s Lodge in Gaia and the acquisition of Quinta dos Malvedos in 1890.

Quinta dos Malvedos boasts a boutique winery with three modern treading lagares, exclusively dedicated to producing Graham’s ports. These lagares, installed in 2000, replicate the gentle treading action of human feet. Grapes arrive during the harvest and are hand-sorted, gently de-stemmed, and transferred to the lagares.

After fermentation and fortification, the wines are moved to the lodge below and aged in large barrels over the winter. Eventually, they are taken to the Graham’s Lodge in Gaia.

Led by Master Blender Charles Symington, each wine in the lodge is personally tasted and evaluated. The blend and aging decisions are guided by the expertise and intuition of the winemakers and tasters, rather than relying on scientific analysis.

Sourcing grapes from Quinta dos Malvedos, Quinta do Tua, Quinta da Vila Velha, and Quinta do Vale de Malhadas, Graham’s Port captures the unique characteristics of each property, resulting in wines of exceptional quality and character.

For over 200 years, Graham’s Port has upheld the tradition of crafting the finest expression of each year’s fruit in their specialist winery at Quinta dos Malvedos. With a combination of traditional techniques and modern innovation, Graham’s Port continues to push the boundaries of winemaking.

Graham’s Port stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of exceptional winemaking knowledge and a commitment to excellence. With a rich history and unwavering dedication, Graham’s Port remains a symbol of tradition and innovation in the world of winemaking.

Year           1820

Country     Portugal

Address    Rua do Agro 141, 4400-003 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

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Graham's Port

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