Zehn Morgen

Bad Kreuznach, Germany​

A large number of vineyards from the Bad Kreuznach region already obtained top ratings in the Prussian classification of vineyards dating back from 1901. In den Zehn Morgen objective is to restore the age of outstanding wines from Bad Kreuznach and to enliven the potential of their vineyards. In 2013, the vineyards of the great Ökonomierat August E. Anheuser wine estate was bought by Steffen Montigny, an estate which had already been renowned for over 100 years for their prestigious terroir. 

They have been cultivating their vineyards in harmony with nature since 2016, using traditional sowing methods and good compost to improve the soil. They like to give their wines plenty of time to mature, which provides them with natural stability and particular complexity. For them, the vision of In den Zehn Morgen is only imaginable with responsible cultivation.

They vinify traditional expressive wines in both “Premier Cru” and “Grand Cru” classifications. Alongside Riesling, which has been growing continuously in these soils for more than 100 years, they believe that Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the only varieties able to interpret the local terroir.

Year           2013

Country     Germany

Address    In den Zehn Morgen 41
55559 Bretzenheim

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Weingut In den Zehn Morgen


This wonderful Riesling comes from the Kreuznacher Rosenheck. The southeast-facing vineyard is located in the Kreuznach district of Winzenheim and is 160 to 200 meters above sea level. The clayey-marly loam soils provide ripe fruit and substance….


For the Kreuznacher Pinot Noir, plots in the Kreuznacher Hofgarten and in the Pastorei are available and thus terroirs of stony sandy loam with loess admixtures as well as with clayey limestone marl. The grapes were harvested by hand in September 2020…


The Pinot Noir comes from the “Kreuznacher Hofgarten”, which is characterized by stony-sandy loam and loess. The Pinot Noir grapes were harvested by hand and brought to the winery in small containers, where they were fermented spontaneously …


The Pinot Gris grapes were harvested by hand and brought to the winery in small bins and vinified in two different ways. In one, the whole bunches were fermented intracellularly using macération carbonique and aged …


The Chardonnay comes from the upper clay and limestone-rich area of the Pastorei site. Although this site, characterized by tertiary sediments, is located directly across from the winery, it belongs to neighboring Bretzenheim …


An intriguing range extension from Chardonnay maestro Kevin Grant, this was fermented on its skins before ageing in older wood. Unusual, waxy and slightly tannic, with supporting acidity, lovely minerality and a savoury tang…

Weingut In den Zehn Morgen

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