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Sussex, England

Founded in 1995, Ridgeview Winery is a pioneer in England’s sparkling wine industry. The Winery is an iconic figure in England’s sparkling wine industry. With their rich heritage, commitment to quality, and dedication to sustainability, they have not only achieved remarkable success but have also shaped the country’s wine scene. A visit to Ridgeview offers an opportunity to indulge in exceptional sparkling wines while embracing the natural beauty and warm hospitality of this family-run estate.

Situated in the South Downs National Park near Brighton, this family-run estate has enchanted wine enthusiasts with its serene country garden atmosphere. The winery features a Wine Garden that overlooks Chardonnay vineyards, where visitors can enjoy their wines paired with local cheese, charcuterie, and preserves. Guided tours offer insights into the vineyards, winery, and cellars, followed by tastings. Ridgeview’s event calendar includes the popular Ridgefest music festival, restaurant collaborations, Christmas workshops, and family Easter trails.

With a daring vision nearly 30 years ago, Ridgeview aimed to create exceptional sparkling wine in Sussex that would gain global recognition. Despite skepticism, they set out to put English winemaking on the map. Located beneath the South Downs Ridge, the winery benefits from an ideal terroir for growing traditional grape varieties used in the world’s finest sparkling wines. Through passion and determination, Ridgeview became leaders of the English wine revolution.

Today, led by the second generation, Ridgeview boasts an internationally acclaimed range of award-winning English Sparkling Wine that elevates any occasion. Their expertise lies in cool climate viticulture and sustainable winemaking. The winemaking process involves selecting only the finest, well-balanced grapes, handpicked and gently pressed. From fermentation to blending and bottling, Ridgeview blends traditional methods with contemporary expertise.

Ridgeview’s wines are renowned for their purity, elegance, and complexity. Crafted with precision, each glass delivers a memorable experience.

As a purpose-driven business, Ridgeview strives to make a positive impact. They are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, aiming to make every step of their production journey efficient, ethical, and ecologically positive. As a certified B Corporation and founding member of Sustainable Wines GB, Ridgeview drives continuous improvements for a better future.

Year           1995

Country     England

Address    Ditchling Common, Fragbarrow Lane BN6 8TP, England



Ridgeview Wine




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