Noelia Ricci

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Fiumana, Italy

Noelia Ricci is a project started in 2010 within Pandolfa, an estate rich in history and stretching over an area of 140 hectares at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, just a few kilometers away from Predappio.

The name Pandolfa is believed to be derived from Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, known as the “Wolf of Rimini”, who is said to have stayed for a long time in this area before plundering the Castle of Fiumana in 1436.

From 1626 to 1941 the estate was owned by Marchesi Albicini. In 1941 the property was taken over by Commendator Giuseppe Ricci, an entrepreneur from Forlì. In the years of World War Two, Pandolfa’s happy times came to an abrupt end, going from Marchesi’s holiday home to the tragic events of the war period.

The estate was occupied by the Germans and then attacked by the Polish army, while its cellars were opened to give shelter to refugees. In the fifties, after peace was finally restored, Giuseppe Ricci undertook extensive renovation works on the estate, encouraging the involvement of famous local artists, who created works of art honoring the land’s heritage and history. Ricci also focused on the estate’s agricultural production, very important in the past, he bought two adjoining farms and, after years during which he totally modified the land’s orography, he planted the first vines of Sangiovese, Trebbiano, and Albana grapes.

Year           1941

Country     Italy

Address    Via Pandolfa, 35 47016 Fiumana di Predappio – Forlì Cesena – Italy

Tel             +39 0543 940073


Hour          Monday to Friday

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Noelia Ricci


Wine Leader’s Comment:

Noelia Ricci crafts some of the juiciest and lively sangiovese wines made in Emilia Romagna. With a great artistic touch you can see on every wine labels.



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