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Epanomí, Greece

Ktima Gerovassiliou was founded by Vangelis Gerovassiliou, who, in 1981, began restoring his family vineyard that spanned 2.5 hectares in the Papamola region of Epanomi. He planted mainly Greek but also foreign grape varieties in this unique ecosystem, which has become the heart of his winery.

Vangelis Gerovassiliou is a well-educated winemaker, having studied Oenology, Viticulture, Wine-Tasting, and the Technology of Wine-making equipment at the University of Bordeaux in France. From 1976 to the beginning of 1999, Vangelis worked as an oenologist at Domaine Porto Carras, where some of the most renowned wines of Greece were produced. It was there that he first vinified, revived, and rescued the long-forgotten Greek variety of Malagousia from oblivion.

In 1986, Ktima Gerovassiliou produced its first wine at a modern winery built by the vineyard. Vangelis Gerovassiliou also founded Ktima Biblia Chora at Kokkinochori in the Kavala region in North Greece in 1998, together with oenologist Vassilis Tsaktsarlis. The winery purchased Estate Kokkoli, located in Agios Andreas, in Peloponnese in 2014 and created Ktima Dyo Ipsi. In 2017, they collaborated with oenologist Ioanna Vamvakoudi for the creation of Mikra Thira, the first winery in Therasia, a small island that was part of Santorini until the great volcanic eruption of 1600 BC. Recently, Ktima Gerovassiliou acquired Titos Eftichidis’s small family winery in Goumenissa, a region known for its long winemaking tradition.

In 2004, Vangelis Gerovassiliou, Vassilis Tsaktsarlis, and wine importer Takis Soldatos created a small winery, Escapades Winery, at Stellenbosch in South Africa. This venture produced impressive wines from indigenous and international varieties, which made an impression worldwide.

The love for wine and vine-growing that Vangelis Gerovassiliou and his wife, Sonia Tziola-Gerovassiliou, imparted to their children and estate employees is apparent in their work. Argyris, Marianthi, and Vassiliki, the second generation, have all completed their studies in Oenology, Management, and Marketing, respectively, and have brought their knowledge and fresh ideas to the estate.

Country     Greece

Address     Επανομή 57500 Epanomí, Greece

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Ktima Gerovassiliou

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