Rocca di Montegrossi

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Chianti, Italy

Nestled in one of the most enchanting and acclaimed areas of Chianti Classico lies the Rocca di Montegrossi estate, near the hamlet of Monti in Chianti, approximately 7 kilometers south of Gaiole in Chianti. It is here that Marco Ricasoli Firidolfi, a descendant of the family that has etched the history of this region and Chianti Classico wine, runs the show. With its proximity to the Romanesque Parish Church of San Marcellino, the winery is steeped in history and tradition.
The estate spans an impressive 100 hectares, with 20 hectares dedicated to vineyards, another 20 to olive groves, and the remainder covered in lush woodland. The vineyards, all situated on hilly terrain with gentle slopes, boast calcareous soil of medium texture and are strategically positioned to face the south and southeast. Sitting at altitudes ranging from 340 to 510 meters above sea level, these vineyards provide the perfect terroir for cultivating the grape varietals typical of the Chianti region, enriched by a small percentage of indigenous varieties.
The Chianti Classico area, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and world-class wines, holds a special place in the heart of Italian winemaking history. As one of the prominent wine-producing families in the region, the Ricasoli Firidolfi family has carried the torch of winemaking tradition for generations. Their dedication to preserving the authentic essence of Chianti Classico wines while embracing innovation has made Rocca di Montegrossi a beacon of excellence in the wine industry.

Country   Italy

Address Località San Marcellino – Monti in Chianti 53013 Gaiole in Chianti (SI) – Italy


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Rocca di Montegrossi

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