Quinta de Soalheiro

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Melgaço, Portugal

Soalheiro, a Portuguese winery located in Melgaço, in the northernmost part of the Vinho Verde region, has a rich history of wine-making that dates back to 1974. João António Cerdeira and his wife Palmira were the first to plant Alvarinho grapes in the area during Portugal’s Carnation Revolution, and their children now run the estate. The winery has undergone modernization efforts to make it as eco-friendly as possible, with an Innovation Room for generating fresh ideas. Soalheiro produces an array of wines, spirits, herbal teas, organic vegetables, and cured meats.

The Herbal Teas House is a three-bedroom cottage that opened in 2020, located in the middle of Soalheiro’s tea plantation. Each room is inspired by one of the estate’s infusions and is an ideal starting point for discovering the region. The nearby Peneda Gerês National Park is home to Soalheiro’s Alvarihno vines, the highest in Portugal at 1,100 meters.

Private tastings take visitors through the entire portfolio of 16 wines, which are made as naturally as possible with no filtration and minimal use of sulphites. The star of Soalheiro’s wine offerings is Alvarinho, which comes in all forms, including still, sparkling, and even grappa. Dining takes place at Quinta de Folga, where visitors can indulge in Minho cuisine, using vegetables and jams made from Soalheiro’s organic farm and cured meats from its indigenous Bísaro pigs.

Soalheiro owns 14 hectares of organically farmed vineyards and works with a ‘club’ of some 150 grower families who supply grapes from their best plots. The winery’s dedication to Alvarinho has become its modus operandi and is recognized globally for its brightness and intensity.

Country     Portugal

Address    Charneca Alvaredo, 4960-010 Melgaço, Portugal

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Quinta de Soalheiro

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