Quinta da Pacheca

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Cambres, Portugal

Located near the town of Cambres, the vineyards of Quinta da Pacheca offer a unique experience for wine enthusiasts. The estate, which spans 75 hectares, has vines that have been growing since the sixth century. Visitors can observe the beauty of the vineyards from the ten giant wine barrels that have been converted into quirky ensuite hotel rooms. These rooms are equipped with circular beds and porthole windows that offer stunning views of the vines. Guests can participate in the harvest activities by treading the grapes in the eight granite tanks from 1916 that are still in use today.

The estate is known for its white, rosé, and red wines classified under the Douro DOC. These wines highlight the native grape varieties and are fresh examples of the land, with notable body and aroma in the reds. The award-winning Ports include white, tawny, vintage, and ruby styles.

The Wine House Hotel and luxury spa offer plenty of tasting options and masterclasses. The 15-room hotel, housed in an eighteenth-century manor, has been sensitively updated with additional modern architecture. Guests can relax in the spa, which offers cutting-edge treatments with massages overlooking the vineyards. The estate’s resident artist, Óscar Rodrigues, has dotted his artwork throughout the property, and visitors can explore the estate’s olive trees during autumn and try the single-varietal oils during enlightening workshops.

Food lovers can indulge in chic regional cuisine served in the Wine House Restaurant, paired with the estate’s wines. Guided tastings, cheese pairings, and cookery classes are also available. Visitors can enjoy a picnic in the vineyards or take a tour. The granite stones, known as Marcos Pombalinos, used to mark out the territories of the demarcated wine region of Douro can also be seen on the way to the winery.

Country      Portugal

Address     Quinta da Pacheca Rua do Relógio do Sol 261 5100-424 Cambres, Portugal

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Quinta da Pacheca

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