The WINERY STAR GUIDE Award is particularly meaningful because it represents the voice of Wine Leaders. This accomplishment speaks to the high standards, the passion and dedication of local wineries in making great wines. Wine Leaders award their favorite wines and winemakers so that wineries can amplify their story around the world and grow their success in a meaningful way. 

The World’s Best Wine Destinations

The WIA WINERY STAR GUIDE is a celebration of wine people, places, and experiences that make the world worth exploring. Discovering great wines and wineries is not what we do, it is who we are. We aim to reward excellence in the wine industry worldwide, ensuring recognition for the very best wines and wineries. 

The World’s Best Wineries guide was created to inspire the global wine community to explore further. It’s a community where uniqueness and passion for wine is celebrated and everyone is rewarded by the experiences collected along the way.

We have been inspired by the resilience and bravery of so many great wineries that have continued to make superior wines even during challenging times. We are proud to honor wineries  with an international wine community prestigious endorsement.

Sommeliers, experts, professionals, wine influencers, and others award their favorite wineries anywhere in the world. Experience wine & wine destinations through the insider expertise of our Wine Leaders whose passion for wine has been cultivated with love & dedication over the years. 

Certificate Of Excellence

The Winery Star Certificate represents a prestigious award of excellence, distinguishing exceptional wineries across the globe. Awarded by Wine Leaders, this accolade honors outstanding wine quality and the overall winery experience, elevating a winery’s credibility within the international wine community.

Owning this certificate is not just an honor; it’s a significant asset. It draws the attention of buyers, distributors, business partners, and wine enthusiasts, sparking their interest in exploring quality wines and visiting great wineries.

The winery’s name and the relevant year will be proudly displayed on the certificate. Showcase this honor on websites, social media platforms, or in other promotional materials. Additionally, a framed version of the certificate is available for delivery.

Awarded By
Wine Leaders

Wine Leaders award wineries that make their most favorite wines and that are worth exploring

Winery Star Guide

4 Pillars



Recognition from WIA and Wine Leaders enhance the credibility that is an essential indicator of quality. It can help to ensure additional exposure and enhance brand esteem as well.



Wine Leaders stand by their awardees by their name. WIA offers a dedicated profile page allowing them to share their bios and online activities, providing insights into their expertise and contributions to the wine industry.



Bringing together people and businesses in the wine community globally. We provide a quality winery guide that helps and promotes connections and growth in the wine industry.



WIA champions the global wine sector by enhancing networking and commerce, celebrating the unique passion for wine. It ensures rewarding experiences for all, fostering a thriving wine community worldwide.

For Wineries

For Wine Community


WIA evaluates wineries and vineyards around the world, utilizing the knowledge and expertise of a panel including sommeliers, influencers, experts, and specialists from every aspect of the wine industry. The selection of wineries and vineyards stands out not only for the quality of their wine but also for the unique experiences they offer to visitors.

WIA Master Judge

The Highest Level of Wine Sommelier


  • Master Sommelier (MS)
  • Master of Wine (MW)
  • Certified Wine Educator (CWE)
  • Diploma in Wines and Spirits (DipWSET)
  • Advanced Sommelier Certificate
  • French Wine Scholar (FWS)
  • Italian Wine Scholar (IWS)
  • Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)
  • Certified Specialist of Spirits (CSS)
  • WSET Level 3 Award in Wines

WIA Sommelier Judge

Wine Sommelier and Wine Educator


  • International Sommelier Guild
    WSET Level 2 & 3
    Court of Master Sommeliers
    Certified & Advanced
    French Sommelier
    Italian Wine Specialist
  • Certified Spanish Sommelier
    American Wine Specialist
    American Wine Expert
  • …and others

WIA Expert Judge

Wine Expert and Wine Professional


  • Sommelier; Viticulturist;
    Winemaker (Vintner);
    Vineyard Manager;
    Enologist (Wine Scientist);
    Wine Educator; Wine Writer;
    Wine Critic; Wine Influencer;
    Wine Guide: Wine Tasting Host;
    Wine Judge; Cellar Master;
    Wine Consultant
    …and others

Bring your passion and expertise and make a lasting impact on the global wine community.

* We're thrilled to witness such enthusiasm for joining the WIA Winery Judges Panel! We warmly welcome all who have been invited. At the moment, only wine leaders who receive an invitation can become WIA judges. This approach ensures that our panel remains diverse and dynamic, truly reflecting the spirit of WIA.

Wine Leader Ambassador

Nominate 20 Representatives From Each Wine Region

The Wine Leaders Ambassadors play an important role in the WINERY STAR GUIDE and the WIA global wine community. Each Wine Leader Ambassador is entrusted with the responsibility of nominating up to 20 regional Wine Leaders. These nominees are selected based on their expertise, passion, and influence in the wine sector of their respective regions.

The process in collaboration with the Wine International Association (WIA) means that the ambassadors embody the excellence and diversity of the global wine community, fostering a network of knowledgeable and enthusiastic representatives of the unique qualities and traditions of their regional wines.

For Wine Leader Judge


Voting Method

The “WINERY STAR GUIDE – Wine Leaders’ Choice” annually showcases the world’s premier wineries and vineyards, celebrating the people, places, and extraordinary experiences that define the global wine industry. At WIA, discovering exceptional wines and wineries is at the heart of what we do, and we are committed to recognizing excellence in the wine world.

Sommeliers, wine experts, wine influencers, wine critics, and wine professionals from around the globe contribute to our nominations. The Guide encompasses all countries, divided into seven regions, offering a comprehensive look at the finest winery experiences.

Our selection focuses not only on the quality of the wine but also on the experience of each winery visit. To ensure diverse and authentic recommendations, there are no fixed criteria for selection, other than the voting rules. By leveraging a global panel of wine judges, as opposed to region-specific, it ensures a well-rounded evaluation and brings a wealth of perspectives to our selections.

Voting Guidelines

1. Visit Requirement: Judges are required to have personally visited the wineries or vineyards they are nominating within the last 6 years.
* This requirement takes into account the two-year period during which access to wineries was limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

2. Nomination Range and Ranking: Judges should submit a list from 6 to 10 nominations of their favorite wineries and/or vineyards, ranked in any order or order of preference if desired.

3. Voting Criteria: Voting should be based on the overall visiting experience and tasting experiences that take place directly at the winery or vineyard itself.

4. Voting Fequency: Each judge is allowed to vote only once per calendar year. This avoids overwhelming the selection process with multiple submissions from the same judges.

5. Online Voting: Judges are required to submit their selection lists to the WIA using the specific platform or email address provided in the original invitation sent to each judge. This ensures a direct and secure submission process.

6. Transparency: For more transparency and also to build a great wine community WIA offers judges an attractive profile page with their bio and links to their online activities. View Profiles

7. Eligibility of Vineyards: Only wineries and vineyards that are currently in business and open to the general public are eligible for voting.

8. Rule Compliance: Non-compliance with these rules, or failure to complete the voting process as stipulated, will result in disqualification from the current voting cycle.

Continuous Voting Process

In a significant enhancement to our selection process, we have introduced a continuous voting system that allows wine judges to submit their top 6 to 10 favorite wineries at any time during the year. This approach not only encourages judges to cast their votes earlier but also benefits the nominated wineries by providing them with international recognition sooner. Moreover, it affords these wineries the prestige and visibility associated with being featured on the WORLD’s BEST WINERY list throughout the year.

However, to maintain the integrity and balance of the selection process, each judge is allowed to vote only once per calendar year. This limitation ensures that the recommendations remain current and reflective of the latest trends and excellence in the wine industry without overwhelming the selection process with multiple submissions from the same judges.

This continuous voting process is designed to keep our guide dynamic and reflective of the latest trends and discoveries in the wine world. It allows our panel of judges the flexibility to nominate wineries as they encounter them, ensuring that our guide is always up-to-date with the best that the global wine industry has to offer.

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Renée Sferrazza   WIA Ambassador Canada   Renée Sferrazza has dedicated her life to grapes. As a Court of the Master Sommeliers Certified Sommelier, she has made wine her life’s work, and her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to be a curator of wine experiences. In her work as a Wine Communicator,…

Karen Kraakevik WIA Ambassador   USA Karen, AKA The Napa Cowgirl, is a 5th generation rancher from Oklahoma bringing a mix of wine and country together that offers a relaxed western vibe into wine. She truly believes wine should be enjoyable for any lifestyle.. Karen is a wine representative helping wineries in the United…

Elisa Nardi WIA Ambassador Italy Elisa Nardi is a sommelier and daughter of the wine producer Tenute Silvio Nardi Montalcino. She is an expert in wine marketing and a brand ambassador. Her passion for wine began a few years ago when she visited il Carapace in Montefalco (Umbria). . Elisa…

Emma Brajkovic WIA Ambassador Spain Emma Brajkovic’s first introduction to the world of wine, was when she was a child, through the eyes of her parents, who owned and managed a restaurant in Paris specialized in Wines and Champagnes. She was regularly attending wine auctions at l’Hôtel Drouot while her…

 Ivan Vellucci  WIA Ambassador    Italy Ivan Vellucci is 53 years old, he writes for an online wine magazine. He is an engineer and a manager before being a sommelier. He works as marketing director in a high-profile automotive company in Italy in the luxury segment. He is a wine fan and…

Nello Gatti WIA Ambassador Italy Nello Gatti is a multilingual wine professional with an in-depth knowledge of the hospitality and marketing sectors. Even if he doesn’t come from a family of wine enthusiasts, along his path he developed an unparalleled level of communication awareness thanks to his proven history at…

Iker Berasaluce WIA Ambassador Austria Iker Berasaluce is a 32 year old wine writer, judge, educator and content creator from Spain, living in Vienna, Austria. Holding a PhD in Chemistry, he decided to turn his passion into his job. His first advance in the professional wine sphere was at the Federal Research Center…

Stefan Sulzer WIA Ambassador Germany Stefan Sulzer is a 45-year-old wine enthusiast from Münster, Germany. Being a school teacher by profession, he also finds time to develop his understanding and competence in the wine sector. More than 20 years ago he started tasting wines with a friend who worked in…

Olga Sofia Schiaffino WIA Ambassador Italy Olga was elected the Best Sommelier of Liguria and received the WSET level 3. Her story with wine started in 2011 when she enrolled in a course to become a sommelier, because she wanted to understand what was in her glass: she is curious…

 Marisol de la Fuente    WIA Ambassador    Argentina Marisol de la Fuente is an International Sommelier of the EAS graduated from the Argentine School of Sommeliers and Bartender at the International Center for Cocktail bar. She communicates about the world of wine and drinks with the aim of bringing it closer to…

Cornelia Becker (Corni) WIA Ambassador Austria  Cornelia Becker (also called Corni for short) is a wine blogger, passionate about Austrian wineries and wines. She was born in 1978 and lives in Lower Austria with her family. As many other experts, she is convinced that Austrian wines have excellent quality and can definitely compete…

Kirsty Woodgate WIA Ambassador UK Kirsty Woodgate DipWSET is a wine expert and communications professional from England, UK. She works as a Wine Writer, Wine Judge and Content Creator, and regularly hosts interactive wine tastings in her home county. . Wine ties together her passions, skills, qualifications and abilities. Her…

Isis Daniel  WIA Ambassador USA  Isis Daniel, known as The Millennial Somm (TMS), is a certified Level 3, with Merit, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) sommelier from Washington, DC. While dedicating 5 years to the Hospitality Industry, she fell in love with wine and decided to refocus her career.. During her vino journey,…

 Benoît Lefèvre    WIA Ambassador    Canada  Creator of the wine tourism blog and the Instagram account @vino2travel, Benoît Lefèvre shares wine tourism stories, winegrowers’ portraits as well as his favorite wine discoveries with his audience. . Benoît is passionate about wine, travel, gastronomy and photography and loves to share his passions with as…

Karla & André Baader WIA Ambassadors Brazil Karla and André Baader are a couple of professional chefs and wine enthusiasts from Brazil. They started their journey into the world of wine and food, when they left their countries, Brazil and Guatemala, their full-time jobs, friends and family to become chefs…

Bubbles Hyland WIA Ambassador South Africa Bubbles Hyland was destined for the wine industry with the nickname she was given from birth! British born but now living in Cape Town for the past 17 years she has become an avid ambassador of South African wine. She formed Well Red Wine…

Mary John WIA Ambassador Australia Mary John, the face behind @perthwinegirl, is a wine enthusiast from Perth, Australia, who loves sharing simple, fun and inclusive forms of wine communication outside the box. She is a Latin American Aussie with local and international experience traveling to many wine regions and writing…

Daria Kholodilina WIA Ambassador Georgia Daria Kholodilina is a Georgia-based wine tourism specialist, and a big friend and promoter of Georgian wine – with a WSET 2 certificate. Being born in Ukraine, Daria moved to Georgia in 2013 because she fell in love with the country. She participated in developing…

Chris Howells WIA Ambassador UK Chris Howells has dedicated a large part of his adult life to the humble grape. As an avid wine collector, multiple wine judge, Certified WSET 3 with distinction and occasional writer-columnist for a number of drink & hospitality magazines, he is making wine…

 Micaela Lopez  WIA Ambassador  Argentina & Uruguay Micaela Lopez is 29 years old, she was born in Argentina and lives in Uruguay. She is the country manager in Uruguay for an Argentina company that produces, markets and imports prestigious wineries from around the world.   Micaela is currently studying for a career as a sommelier. In…

Veronica Accossato WIA Ambassador France & Italy Veronica Accossato is a 26 years-old sommelier and wine enthusiast from Piedmont, Italy. She graduated in linguistic mediation before starting the AIS (Italian Sommeliers Association), where she obtained the 2nd level. At that time Veronica was working at the Michelin starred restaurant Combal.Zero…

Anastasia Palferova WIA Ambassador Russia Anastasia is a 34-year-old Russian wine lover, sommelier and blogger living in Moscow. Before she got the wine bug 5 years ago, Anastasia was successfully making her career in strategic consulting and banking. At that time, she travelled a lot to Italy, Spain, Germany and…

Madalena Vidigal WIA Ambassador  Portugal   Madalena Vidigal has a degree in Hotel Management and a postgraduate degree in Wine Tourism, Digital Marketing and Viticulture. She is a wine producer in Alentejo, the south of Portugal. She has two great passions that are present in everything she does: wine and travel!. For 10…

Fabiana Aguinsky WIA Ambassador Brazil Fabiana Aguinsky is a wife and mother of two daughters, born in Uruguay, but residing in Brazil since 2002. She currently lives in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul and is one of the most experienced wine professionals in the country. In addition…

Alessandro Ingrosso WIA Ambassador Italy Alessandro Ingrosso is a sommelier and a wine lover from Italy. He does not like to define himself as being related to a certain sphere, because basically he compares hismself with wine, which is constantly evolving! Alessandro has been trained in the hospitality sphere, and…

Francisca Marzá WIA Ambassador Chile Francisca Marzá discovered her vocation for wine in 2014. Graduated in Business Administration of the Wine Industry and a post degree in Chilean Wine at the Catholic University of Chile and additional studies as a sommelier at the Wine Institute. Content creator, communicator, and…

Mariana Gil Juncal WIA Ambassador Argentina Mariana Gil Juncal is a Spaniard born in Argentina who lives in Buenos Aires, the daughter of a Galician father and a Buenos Aires mother. She is a specialist in social communication, journalist, and Certified Sommelier by the Court of Master Sommeliers.…

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