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New York, USA

Ravines, founded in 2001 by Morten and Lisa Hallgren, is a prestigious winery located in the Finger Lakes region of the Eastern USA. What sets Ravines apart is Morten’s formal winemaking education and training in Europe, making him the only winemaker in the area with such expertise at the time of the winery’s inception. Emphasizing a traditional winemaking approach, Ravines exclusively produces dry, vinifera wines, which garnered critical acclaim and made the winery a top destination for wine enthusiasts. Notably, Morten pioneered the bone-dry, mineral-tinged Riesling style that became the flagship wine of the Finger Lakes, earning international recognition.

Ravines Winery excels in crafting dry white wines, terroir-driven reds, and refined methode champenoise sparkling wines. With 130 acres of prime estate vineyards, two year-round tasting rooms, and a delightful Ravinous Kitchen, the winery has experienced significant growth. Morten and Lisa’s timely arrival in the Finger Lakes allowed them to carefully select the best vineyard sites, which continue to contribute to 100% of their wines. Morten’s background in viticulture from his family’s estate winery in France fueled his passion for cool-climate winemaking, leading to the establishment of Ravines as a lifelong venture.

Ravines Winery’s commitment to sustainability and deep understanding of their vineyards’ unique qualities produce wines that truly reflect the terroir. Through continuous vineyard management and replanting, they maximize each site’s potential, resulting in exceptional wines that have earned national awards and international recognition. Their close partnerships with vineyard owners demonstrate a dedication to showcasing the region’s natural beauty and exceptional grape-growing conditions. With an intimate knowledge of their vineyards and a passion for crafting exceptional wines, Ravines stands as a symbol of excellence in the Finger Lakes wine community.

Year          2001

Country    USA

Address    400 Barracks Rd, Geneva, NY 14456




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