Racha, Georgia

The history of Naberauli Wines begins in the fall of 2018, when a vintage was held in the vineyards owned by the company in the village of Sadmeli in Racha. The first crop was harvested at another company’s factory and bottled into wine. The harvest of the first year was only Khvanchkara, due to the fact that only Aleksandrouli and Mujuretuli vines were cultivated in the above mentioned territory. The goal at that time was not really the wide sale of wine and the first appraisers of the delicious Khvanchkara were just a friend circle and local winemakers. It was after the positive feedback that it was decided to build a factory owned by the company and to cultivate more vineyards and consequently, more grape varieties in Sadmeli area.

Georgian and foreign consumers know only Khvanchkara from the rarest types of Rachian wine. However, this region has a lot to say to Georgia and the world about wine. By restoring the forgotten customs of Racha winemaking and constantly searching for the past or experiments, “Naberauli” creates a unique taste of real Rachian wine. Interesting and distinctive style labels tell about the traditions characteristic for this part of the country. Under the “Naberauli” brand, a wide range of real Rachian wines with the rarest varieties are packed, which will compete with the famous wines of other parts of Georgia.

Year           2018

Country     Georgia

Address    Village Sadmeli, Ambrolauri         

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Naberauli Wines


The purple color of Khvanchkara is characterized by the flavors of raspberry and red currant that is accompanied with natural scents of cherry. The taste of wine, like a real Rachian man, is calm but cheerful and velvety. The wine creates an amazing duo with ham and other delicacies such as Nikva mushroom from Racha…

Rachuli Mtsvane

Nowadays, Rachuli Mtsvane is one of the most deficient and unique grape varieties. It is kept in Qvevri with Georgian traditional method that gives the wine pleasant amber color. This wine blends well with soft dishes, in particular, fruit salads and grilled vegetables, it is also well paired with fish and seafood…


The purple color of Aleksandrouli is characterized by the aromas of raspberry, black cherry and accompanied by its natural scents. The taste of wine, like Rachian man, is calm, but cheerful and velvety. Aleksandrouli flavors the dishes where red meat and different cheeses are used. Consider that this wine reveals its best flavors…

Rachuli Sapere

Sapere is kept in Qvevri with Georgian traditional method, which gives the wine color of dark pomegranate. The taste of Sapere is natural, harmonious, and calm that is pleasantly accompanied by fruit tones. Sapere is best served with meat or cheese dishes. This dry wine is balanced well with sweet…

Sapere - Dzelshavi

The wine is medium – rich red in color. Fruit-forward and dense aromas of well ripened cherries and forest berries followed with slight prunes and chocolatey notes. Wine is supple on taste; well-structured and silky finish makes it long- lasting with memorable sensation. Best Enjoyed at about 15 – 17C…


The wine is characterized pale-gold with green hue color. Fruit-forward aroma of fresh tropical fruit and citrus, followed with slight hints of pit fruits. Well balanced texture is in harmony with pleasant sweetness, that makes wine long-lasting on pallet and memorable sensation. Best Enjoyed at about 10 – 12C…

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