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Alba, Italy

The Ceretto family has been producing wine in Piedmont since the 1930s, and the current generation invites visitors with warmth and enthusiasm to experience the delights of the Langhe region. The winery offers Barolo-centric tastings, allowing guests to traverse the vineyards by minivan or take the ‘Shades of Nebbiolo’ tutorial. Visitors can also walk through the Monsordo Bernardino vineyards just outside Alba, where a futuristic glass bubble floats over the vines, providing a unique location for sipping wine. The estate is also home to several artworks, including a giant glass cube and a colourful Barolo Chapel.

Sustenance comes from the estate’s three-Michelin-star restaurant, Piazza Duomo, opened in 2005 alongside chef Enrico Crippa. The more informal La Piola is located downstairs, offering a relaxed atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meals.

The Ceretto winery was founded in the 1930s by Riccardo Ceretto, who produced wine from grapes he purchased since he did not own any vineyards. The turning point came when his sons Bruno and Marcello joined the business, bringing innovative thinking that emphasized the importance of the land. While this may seem obvious today, memories of the poverty of rural life in the Langhe region were still fresh, making Riccardo reluctant to invest in purchasing land

In the 1960s, Bruno and Marcello began mapping out the land that produced the best wines and buying the vineyards. They never left the region again.

The Ceretto family is a group with a shared vision for the future, making decisions together and guided by respect for expertise. They provide the tools for those who have something to contribute to the company and the territory to achieve that vision.

In conclusion, the Ceretto winery offers a unique experience for wine lovers and art enthusiasts alike. With its innovative approach to winemaking and its commitment to the land, the winery has established a reputation for producing some of the finest wines in the Langhe region. Guests can enjoy tastings, walk through the vineyards, dine at the Michelin-starred restaurant, and admire the estate’s art installations, making it a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Piedmont.

Country     Italy

Address    Ceretto Winery, 34, 12051 Alba CN, Italy

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Ceretto Winery

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