Walter Scott

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Salem, USA

Founded by Erica Landon and Ken Pahlow in 2008, Walter Scott Wines became their dream come true in Oregon’s scenic Willamette Valley. Starting with their inaugural vintage, La Combe Verte Pinot Noir in 2009, they traded labor for winemaking space at Patricia Green Cellars. As their production expanded, they moved to Evening Land before settling in their current winery at Justice Vineyard in the Eola-Amity Hills AVA. Their vineyard philosophy emphasizes selecting sites with old vines, clonal diversity, and expressive microclimates, reflecting their dedication to crafting exceptional wines.

Throughout their journey, Walter Scott Wines has been guided by a deep respect for the land and the people who nurture it. Their home in the Eola-Amity sub-appellation of the Willamette Valley is surrounded by most of the vineyards they work with, fostering strong connections with local farmers. They seek out farmers who share their vision of producing high-quality fruit while practicing sustainable, dry farming methods without herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides. This commitment to environmentally friendly practices is a core aspect of their winemaking approach, allowing them to craft wines that truly reflect the unique characteristics of each vineyard site.

Over the years, Walter Scott Wines has grown not just in size but also in the strength of its team. Friends Sue and Andy Steinman joined the business, bringing their expertise in business and law, while Jess Pierce became an integral part of the team, involved in all aspects of the winery, from production to sales. Together, they share a common goal of creating wines that celebrate the beauty of the land, the diversity of the vines, and the relationships formed with the people who contribute to the winemaking process. With their focus on producing exceptional wines and nurturing the connections with the land and local communities, Walter Scott Wines continues to flourish and attract a loyal following of wine enthusiasts.

Year          2008

Country    USA




Walter Scott

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