Hermann J. Wiemer

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New York, USA

Established in 1979, the Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard stands as a trailblazer in the Finger Lakes’ viticulture and winemaking scene. Nestled on the western slopes of Seneca Lake across a 90-acre estate, this winery has earned a reputation for crafting exceptional wines. Meticulous care goes into the hand-harvesting and sorting of estate-grown fruit, resulting in small-batch productions that are skillfully blended to achieve harmonious textures and flavors. Employing native yeasts in the fermentation process, each wine reflects its unique terroir. Inspired by founder Hermann Wiemer’s heritage, hailing from Germany’s renowned Riesling-producing region, the winery embraces forward-thinking techniques while honoring tradition.

Hermann Wiemer’s roots trace back to generations of winemaking in Germany’s Mosel Valley. Recognizing similarities between the Finger Lakes’ climate and his family’s vineyards, he believed in the potential to cultivate vinifera varietals there. Under the leadership of Hermann’s apprentice Fred Merwarth since 2003, the winery embarked on an invigorated journey. Fred’s partnership with Swedish agronomist Oskar Bynke saw the torch passed from Hermann himself, guiding the winery into a new era. This dynamic duo continued Hermann’s meticulous approach, delving into the intricate relationship between vines and soils, refining the art of winemaking.

The Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard extends its focus beyond winemaking, embracing sustainable practices. Their holistic commitment to the environment includes fostering biodiversity in fields, forests, and meadows with cover crops and beneficial organisms. Since 2003, they’ve abandoned herbicides and synthetics, adopting organic fertilizers and cover crops. A biodynamic farming project, led by Thijs Verschuuren in 2014, covers 33 acres, reflecting their dedication to ecological harmony and achieving Demeter Certification.

Year          1979

Country    USA

Address    Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard 3962 NY-14 Dundee



Hermann J. Wiemer

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