Top 5 must have wine accessories !

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To some, there are just two types of wine: red wines and white wines. To others, there are endless combinations of varietals, locations, and vintages that produce continuously unique bottles of wine made for sipping and savoring. If you identify with the latter camp of wine drinkers and feel that the label wine aficionado isn’t too far of a stretch, you likely have a bar cart full of wine accessories already stocked at home. If not, it’s time to elevate your accessories.

Here are some of the best accessories that will delight the most demanding of you !

Yes, a classic set of wine glasses is a good place to start. But there are so many other accessories that every oenophile should have at their disposal. For instance, a decanter to allow your red wine to taste as full-bodied as it’s meant to be or a beautiful (and functional) wine rack to show off your favorite bottles. Not to mention wine coolers, stoppers, coasters, carriers, and the perfect opener.

1. Warm And Cozy Metal Wine Tumbler

Sweet Water Decor is a motivational + inspirational brand that started in a basement back in December 2014. From our humble beginning of making every mug to now serving hundreds and thousands of customers having our product in over 3500 boutiques/shops around the world as well as national stores, our goal continues to be to motivate and inspire our customers to live their dreams.

Along with our amazing growing team, my husband runs the warehouse + candle production side and I do the designing, oversee marketing, operations. In fact, every design in our shop is by your truly. So you are getting something truly unique! All of our products are hand-illustrated by our Owner + Designer, Melissa. Growing up, I loved designing, and could always be found in the stationery section of every store I went into. I’d always be saving motivational quotes and writing them in a notebook. From working in retail since I was 18, I learned the importance of providing customers with quality and beautiful items. We make sure that you get the best out of Sweet Water Decor. Cheers!

2. Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer

We all know how important it is to let a wine breathe in order for it to show its best. But why wait to get the most out of your wine? With our original, patented Vintorio Aerator Pourer, you can maximize a wine’s potential instantly, transforming it from a good wine into something magnificent that you won’t soon forget. The Vintorio Aerator Pourer combines the best of both worlds; it’s as effective as a hand-held aerator married with the ease of a pourer and the results are unbeatable.

Best of Both Worlds

How does it work? Our Aerator Pourer creates a leak-proof seal that fits beautifully into wine bottles of every size. Never again will you be stuck with the wine-stained tablecloths you get from using handheld aerators or decanters – the Vintorio pourer is ergonomically designed to offer you drip-free pouring. Simply pop in and pour! Scents like sulphur dioxide (burnt matchsticks), ethyl acetate (nail polish remover), and mercaptans (onion) all immediately disappear, leaving you with nothing but the best.

3. Turquoise Goverre

You no longer have to drink your wine out of water bottles, coffee mugs, or red plastic cups while enjoying a glass of wine outdoors! Introducing GOVERRE… a GLASS, stemless wine glass with a silicone sleeve and a lid. GOVERRE is perfect for: backyard BBQs, boating, walks around the neighborhood, outdoor movies, street festivals, hikes, the beach, taking your dog for a walk, camping, art festivals, Broadway, parades, picnics, polo fields, the pool, film festivals…

Two friends, Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher, began collaborating on all things ‘wine’ in 2015. Their passion for great wine, dislike of plastic glasses and a love for Southern California’s outdoor lifestyle led to the birth of GOVERRE. Shannon and Regan both worked stable jobs in corporate America. After years of experience (in healthcare and marketing) and many nights debating the “what ifs” over their favorite beverage, inspiration struck and both knew it was time to pursue their passion – to build a brand.

4. Nude – DecanteRing Wine Decanter

Underpinned by extraordinary craftsmanship and painstaking production process, the NUDE Decantering wine decanter pushes the possibilities of glassware. Designed by Ron Arad, and expertly moulded from lead-free crystal to a striking circular silhouette, the aptly named piece is worthy of display whether in use or not. We live in a confusing world; too many choices, too many products, too much ‘noise’. NUDE believes things can be different; the remedy is simple.

Simple is Beautiful. Simple is pure. Simple is essential. And the idea of simplicity is the guiding principle of NUDE. NUDE believes Less is More and that Form is best when it meets Function. NUDE refines everything to its essence, decluttering and distilling. This makes the final object simple to both understand and use. The result is perfectly reflected in NUDE crystalline glass. Design is at the heart of NUDE. Our portfolio of glassware is designed by a pool of leading international talents.

5. Japanese brand

Soft and light cashmere blanket. This blanket is perfect for outdoor use, hot wine on the balcony, reading in front of the fireplace, and is carefully woven from only the wool of about 10 cashmere goats! To protect wildlife, we purchase the raw materials directly from nomads and produce the blankets in Mongolia without going through the Chinese market. There is no ocean in Mongolia. The rivers dry up every year due to climate change, and desertification is a serious problem.

Water resources are the most important lifeline, but the country is still limited in its technology for water purification and reclamation. Therefore, with the help of a Japanese spinning company, we have been providing technical assistance to the cashmere industry in Mongolia to support the sustainable development of the industry. Behind our efforts, we have always been committed to the principles of environmental conservation and animal welfare. We place the utmost importance on the ethical aspects of our products, especially when the country of origin is a developing country.

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