Hirsch Vineyards

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California, North America

Nestled on a ridge that offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, overlooking the captivating expanse of the Fort Ross area, Hirsch Vineyards stands as a testament to the marriage of nature’s beauty and human ingenuity. This vineyard, situated on the extreme Sonoma Coast, holds a profound significance in the world of wine, particularly in its role as the birthplace of exceptional pinot noir. Founded by David Hirsch in 1980, Hirsch Vineyards has not only created remarkable wines but has also crafted an experience that resonates with the clash of opposing forces inherent in nature and life itself.

From its very inception, the vineyard has been steadfast in its commitment to growing fruit that results in wines deeply reflective of the site and vintage. Every bottle from Hirsch Vineyards is a testament to the dedication and meticulous care put into cultivating fruit that embodies the unique attributes of its attributes. It’s this dedication that sets Hirsch Vineyards apart in the world of winemaking. 

Hirsch Vineyards stands as a living testament to the profound connection between nature and human endeavor. David Hirsch’s vision of crafting site-specific wines that embody the essence of the land has resulted in wines that harmoniously encapsulate the clash of opposites intrinsic to life itself. As you uncork a bottle from Hirsch Vineyards, you embark on a journey that encapsulates the very soul of the extreme Sonoma Coast a journey that reverberates with the echoes of crashing waves, shifting tectonic plates, and the timeless dance of nature’s opposing forces.

Country    North America

Address 45075 Bohan Dillon Rd, Cazadero, CA 95421



Hirsch Vineyards



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