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To make you drop everything and switch to Capri, his Instagram is enough. His work is going to make you sigh with envy. His experience of Italian wine can make you look like an uninformed chump.

Andrea Zigrossi is an Italian sommelier who makes many of our daydreams come true. For the fortunate patrons of L’Olivio, he picks wine—a 2 Michelin star restaurant on the ridiculously gorgeous island of Capri.

Meet the millennial who 'wine travels'

The 26-year-old has experienced a quick trajectory in the wine biz, showy and confident, a little by nature and a little for fun. Growing up and attending school in Rome, his first move was a stint in London in the world of catering. He moved back to Rome a year later and began working for some of the city’s finest restaurants, including the prestigious 3 Michelin star La Pergola.

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Now, after educational adventures in Franciacorta and Venice, through his Trotterwine tweets, Andrea has landed in Capri, the unofficial ambassador of the Italian sommelier life. We decided to get a little more insight into the life and expertise of Andrea.

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To see Andrea’s official Instagram profile click here!


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