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Vourvoulos, Greece

In the midst of the 2010 Greek financial crisis, a time when most would shy away from ambitious ventures, Yannis Valambous made a bold decision to leave his successful economist life in London and return to Greece. Driven by his deep love for wine and nostalgic memories of happy family holidays on the island of Santorini, Yannis set out on a remarkable mission. He inherited vineyards from his father and was determined to revitalize them, setting forth on a journey that combined dream and folly.

As he gazed out at the vast expanse of vines, Yannis saw untapped potential in the land he had inherited. His aspiration was not just to produce wine but to craft exceptional and distinctive wines that would not only showcase the quality of Santorini’s grapes but also preserve the island’s rich winemaking tradition. To achieve his vision, Yannis assembled a team of dedicated individuals. Elias Roussakis and Yannis Papaeconomou joined him, sharing his passion and conviction that Santorini had the capability to produce world-class wines. They believed that the new generation of Greek winemakers, armed with enthusiasm, skill, and winemaking artistry, could be the bridge to introduce these remarkable wines to the global wine-loving community. With a shared vision, they transformed a portion of the inherited land into a modern, state-of-the-art boutique winery.

In 2014, Vassaltis was born, a testament to Yannis Valambous’ determination, love for wine, and desire to create something extraordinary on the hallowed grounds of Santorini. While the exact motivations of Yannis’s father, Vassilis Valambous, in purchasing the vineyards remain unknown, the establishment of Vassaltis has fulfilled multiple possibilities. Whether it was an investment, a legacy for his children, or a dream to savor his own wine, it is safe to assume that Vassilis would be pleased to see his son’s efforts flourishing in Vassaltis, leaving an indelible mark on Santorini’s winemaking landscape.

Country    Greece

Address Περιφερειακή οδός, Vourvoulos 847 00, Greece

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Vassaltis Vineyards



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