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Barcelona, Spain

Located in the enchanting region of Corpinnat, amidst a landscape adorned with verdant forests, rolling hills, and majestic ravines, lies Recaredo’s family-owned vineyards. This esteemed winery takes pride in its long-aged Brut Nature Corpinnat sparkling wines, which embody a profound connection with the land and a rich heritage steeped in tradition. With each bottle, Recaredo seeks to articulate truly honest stories that intricately express the distinctive features of the landscape, vintage after vintage.

The history of Recaredo traces back to 1924 when a visionary winemaker by the name of Josep Mata Capellades embarked on a journey into the realm of sparkling wines. His initiation into the world of winemaking began humbly, working as a disgorger and honing his skills in the craft. Armed with a pick and spade, he embarked on the creation of a cellar right beneath his home in the historic center of Sant Sadurní d’Anoia, a charming town in the province of Barcelona.

At Recaredo, winemaking is not merely a business; it is a profound expression of passion, respect for tradition, and love for the land. The vineyards are meticulously tended to by a dedicated team of viticulturists who understand the subtle nuances of each plot and work tirelessly to coax the finest quality grapes from the vines. This intimate knowledge of the land and its resources allows Recaredo to create wines that encapsulate the essence of Corpinnat, captivating the senses and telling a story with each sip.

Country   Spain

Address  Tamarit 10 · CP 08770 Sant Sadurní d’Anoia (Barcelona)

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Certificate Of Excellence

The Winery Star Certificate is an award of excellence for wineries around the world. The certificate is issued for quality and expertise in the wine industry and is a great and valuable asset for wineries.

It is awarded to wineries that have been recommended by Wine Leaders around the world. It gives a boost in the level of credibility in the global wine community and it is a great way to strengthen the winery image.

Buyers, distributors, business partners and even travelers are more eager to contact awarded wineries to buy their wines and visit the winery. 

The certificate displays wineries name and relevant year, it can be shared on website, social media or used for promotional purposes. It is also possible to receive the framed version by post. 

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