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Rome, Italy

In the heart of Chianti, a captivating region in Tuscany, lies a piece of land that has been a witness to centuries of history and passion for winemaking. Covered predominantly in dense woods, this area has long been cultivated with vineyards and olive groves, making it the perfect home for these cherished crops. The story of Petrolo, its vineyards, and the wines it produces is a tale of tradition, excellence, and a deep-rooted connection to the land.
One of the cornerstones of Petrolo’s winemaking identity is the Sangiovese grape, a variety that has flourished in this region for centuries. Known for its complex and elegant flavors, Sangiovese forms the backbone of many renowned Tuscan wines, including the world-famous Chianti Classico. The unique microclimate and soil composition of Petrolo contribute to the cultivation of exceptional Sangiovese grapes, resulting in wines that effortlessly capture the essence of the land.
Visiting Petrolo is an immersive experience, allowing guests to delve into the rich history of the estate, explore the vineyards, and taste the fruits of this cherished land. Surrounded by the lush beauty of Chianti’s landscape, visitors can fully appreciate the legacy that has been carefully preserved over the centuries. The dedication to crafting outstanding wines has garnered Petrolo numerous accolades and international acclaim. The estate’s wines are celebrated for their elegance, finesse, and distinct sense of place, a testament to the expertise and passion that goes into every bottle.



Country   Italy

Address Localita, 58044 Poggi del Sasso GR

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Colle Massari Wine

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