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Faenza, Italy

Claudio Ancarani cultivates vineyards of high vocation in the hills of Faenza, near the historic fortified site of Oriolo dei Fichi, which dates back to 1457 and is among the oldest in Italy. The winery places great emphasis on preserving native varieties in their old family vineyards while implementing newly developed systems. With a commitment to tradition, they grow indigenous Romagna vines such as Sangiovese, Albana, Burson, Centesimino, and Famoso, as they believe in and support biodiversity. They recognize the value of genetic diversity in creating environmentally friendly and sustainable systems, considering it fundamental for the proper functioning of the ecosystem.

The winemaker’s approach to crafting wine is deeply personal and transformative. Each year, Claudio Ancarani is uncertain about the outcome until the wine is racked, bottled, and left to rest for months. They never consider it to be “their” wine until it has completed this process. This uncertain love affair with winemaking is a beautiful and visceral experience that challenges the winemaker to accept and understand the wine for what it truly is. It is a labor of love that involves months of doubt and introspection, making it an intriguing and ever-evolving journey.

In their cellar, the winery adheres to cultivation and winemaking choices that prioritize quality and health. They select native varieties and limit production to allow the natural expression of the terroir to shine through. Grapes are thinned out and carefully chosen for their richness and health. To capture the essence of the grape, the winery employs long maceration, ensuring that all components of the fruit are transferred to the wine. Furthermore, they aim to reduce the use of sulfites, reflecting their commitment to sustainable practices and the well-being of both the environment and consumers.

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Year           1934

Country     Italy

Address    Via S. Biagio Antico 14
loc. Santa Lucia – 48018 Faenza (RA)

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